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Abiogenesis - Up On The Mountains.MP4
Click: http://www.abiogenesis.altpro.net Abiogenesis’ latest official music video “Up On The Mountains” will be premiered on the newly launched Songdew TV, a new music satellite TV and the audio is available for download on all major music stores. The starting lines Ororo is an Ao-Naga (India) exclamation to draw attention/cheer etc. Tikzik, the new bamboo percussion with multiple sounds is played in the beginning and between breaks and the Bamhum, the new wind bamboo musical instrument that can be played instantly is played before the guitar solo. Both Tikzik and Bamhum are invented by a band member Moa Subong. Besides the band Abiogenesis, the music video also features cultural dance by Kuyingong Cultural Society, Dimapur and a couple Alex Murry and Marjo. Abiogenesis are Arenla on Vocals/Bamhum/Tikzik, Moa on Guitar/Harmonica/Bamhum/Tikzik, Aso on Drums/Tikzik and Meren on Bass.

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