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Is Dianabol A Legal Supplement Or A Banned Steroid?

Dianabol is an interesting product. It is super effective for muscle building and bulking,but is it lebal?  There is so much confusion that I wanted to offer some basic insight that can improve your overall understanding of this specific product.

First and foremost, "DIANABOL" is actually sold as a legal dietary supplement in The United States. According to the USPTO.gov, it is classified as a "Dietary Supplement".

Here is the deal.  "Dianabol" the supplement is not illegal. The issue is that people that sell black market versions of Dianabol that contain the ingredient "Methandrostenolone" - and that is illegal.

So, if you're buying a Dianabol supplement, be sure the ingredients are legal. Here is a list of various Dianabol-type products:
Other names for Methandienone include the following.

- averbol           Banned
- metandienone      Banned
- methandienone     Banned
- d-bal             unsure
- dianibol          unsure
- Dianadrobol       Legal* 
(Muscle Labs Supplements)*
- dianobol          unsure
- Dianabolic        Legal* (Primo Labz)*             - danabol           unsure
- dianabolos        Banned
- d-bol             Legal (SDI Labs)
- D-Anobol          Legal* 
(Pharma Supplemenst)*
- DBol              unsure
- anabol            Banned
- dianobal          Banned