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NetFlow is a general networking tool with multiple uses, including network monitoring and profiling, billing, intrusion detection and prevention, networking forensics, and SOX compliance. NetFlow sends aggregated networking flow data to a third‐party collector (an appliance or server). The collector and analyzer report on various information such as the current top flows consuming the most bandwidth in a particular virtual switch, which IP addresses are behaving irregularly, and the number of bytes a particular virtual machine has sent and received in the past 24 hours. NetFlow is a mature technology, developed by Cisco, that is widely supported by third‐party collectors. NetFlow enables visibility into virtual machine traffic in a virtualized datacenter.

ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer is a web-based bandwidth monitoring tool that collects NetFlow data exported from routing devices, and uses it to analyze and report on IP traffic across the network. With instant reports on top applications, protocols, conversations, and hosts, NetFlow Analyzer gives you valuable insight into bandwidth usage in your enterprise without the complexity and expense involved in a traditional WAN analysis setup.