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Hey Drummonds forget SSD RAM is the future.mp4
Sorry for my rude title Scott  but I was just on the phone with me ex Capgemini colleague Ernst Cozijnsen and we had a long discussion about super fast storage for replicas in a View environment. In the end we settled for RAM. I immediately jumped into my lab to setup a proof of concept to see how it performs and it’s pure awesomeness, faster than fast and quicker than quick. You want to see what we discussed? Well here’s the story. In the proof of concept I’m using a Windows 2008 64 bit Enterprise server with 7 GB of RAM and the StarWind iSCSI target software. I’ve configured this iSCSI target with a RAM disk of 6 GB and created a VMFS on the iSCSI target. I’ve cloned a Windows 2003 virtual machine to the newly created VMFS hosted in RAM and did some performance checks. I was astounded.