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    Reference universe is a useful tool for locating
    articles in Andersen Library reference books, both
    in print and in electronic book format.

    You can locate reference universe in the A-Z
    database listing.
    It is best to begin with a simple search, such as a
    single concept or name as you will be able to
    narrow your search later on.
    For example, if I am looking for background
    information about the author Toni Cade Bambara,
    I type last name, comma, and first name.
    There are both online and print references listed. In the first resource, the Encyclopedia of African-
    American Culture and History,
    there are 8 entries with information regarding
    Besides telling you which volumes and page
    numbers to look in,
    these entries may also give you ideas for
    narrowing your research to a specific aspect of
    your topic.
    To locate the articles, write down the volumes
    and page numbers where Toni Cade Bambara is
    After you have done this, it's also important to
    identify where the item is located in Andersen
    Click the call number which is in brackets. This will connect you to HALCat so that you can
    verify the location and call number of the
    encyclopedia or reference work.
    This Encyclopedia is located in the Reference
    Collection on the 2nd floor.
    You will also need to write down the entire call