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Updating eWON's firmware using eBuddy
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    ? Hands on video engr3.png eBuddy Prerequisites (1) eBuddy downloaded/installed on your PC Two more things… Wait until the eWON user LED returns to normal (flickering slowly green) Note that upgrading your firmware is possible through a VPN connection. This requires special attention so we kindly ask you to contact your distributor if you need to upgrade an eWON remotely. Movie_clapper_closed.png Movie_clapper.png Thank you for watching! More resources on http// engr3.png eBuddy At some point of the procedure, you will be asked to connect to the eWON’s LAN port through a network or with a point-to-point connection. eWON Step 2 Updating your eWON Step 1 Getting new firmware file