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    Setting discussion forum properties blackboard
    First click on your discussions buttonon to bring up your discussion board list of forums, then click the action link next to the desired forum to bring up the action link menu. Select edit from the context menu and scroll down to the forum settings. A couple of things we definitely do not
    recommend: we do not recommend you allow
    anonymous posts
    because that would allow students to post something shocking on the discussion board and
    then get away with it without owning up to it.
    Similarly, we don't recommend allowing authors
    to delete their own posts,
    because they can post something inappropriate
    and delete it before you see it.
    For the same reason we recommend against
    allowing the authors to edit their posts.
    The checked options you see here are definitely
    recommended if the board is to be functional and
    theres no real reason not to allow subscriptions
    to the, discussion boards. What this allows the students to do is to have any
    discussion posting that appears in that board
    e-mailed to them, and you ,of course, can do the
    It allows you to monitor discussion board activity
    through your e-mail without having to login.
    One thing you definitely do not want to do ,unless you intend to do it, is to force moderation
    of posts. This is useful in a situation where a
    discussion gets overheated and you want to
    delay posting of student
    entries on the discussion forum until you have a
    chance to look at them and approve them.
    However, if you set this option not meaning to or
    not thinking about it,
    the result will be that the student will post to the
    discussion forum and their posts
    will show up to you but not to themselves or to
    other students.
    We have had some problems with this setting
    being being preemptively set on discussion topics
    , discussion forums that were transferred over
    from blackboard vista ,so you always want to
    check your
    discussion forum properties here to make sure
    that this option is not checked unless you truly do
    intend to moderate the discussion in this forum