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Using the Profile in Camtasia Relay - Flash (Medium) - 20120301 04.50.07PM
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    Using the profile and Camtasia Relay. When you go to record, select the profile. Give your recording a title. And record in the usual way. This is a test of the ScreenCast dotcom recording profile. Now we'll stop that recording. Preview it. Looks fine. Now we'll submit it to the server. And wait for the email to come back. I'm going to compress this time a little bit. OK. Once the presentation is uploaded, You'll get an informational email that says that account information is needed, because you haven't yet entered your account access information into Camtasia Relay. So you open up that email, there will be a link there that will enable you to go to Camtasia Relay and enter your account information. Click on that. Log into Camtasia Relay. You'll see here that account information is invalid or missing for Camtasia Relay on Click that link. You'll be presented with an account information screen, publish account information setup screen. You can call the account anything you wish. Something like My Screencast Account will do fine. Make sure that this box saying this is the default account for this publish destination is checked. Enter the email address that you use as your username for and your password for Choose whether to disable or enable commenting. I like to do that. And save that account information. You'll note that on your Home Dashboard now, Both of those error messages that were there have vanished. At this point your presentation will continue to upload, and the caption voice recognition will proceed. We'll wait for the email on that. Again I'm going to compress the time frame here. All right, we now have an email indicating that the presentation. is being held for captioning. You click on the link to edit the presentation captions, and your caption editor comes up. We've seen this before, so I'm going to skip past this part. Once I finish the caption editing and publish the presentation as we've seen in other tutorials, We'll now wait for the email indicating that the presentation's been uploaded to That email has come in. So now our presentation has been uploaded to successfully. The next time you use this new profile, your account information will already be registered with Camtasia Relay and you won't have to go through this again. That's all there is to using with Camtasia Relay.