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OFFICE OF DISABILITY SERVICES Frequently Asked Questions Bristol Community College Fall River, Massachusetts Our Mission bcc1 The Office of Disability Services (ODS) provides support services that enable students with disabilities to fully participate in the life of the academic community. The Office of Disability Services… Recommends strategies to capitalize on strengths and to compensate for learning weaknesses. Determines classroom accommodations on an individual basis. Screens students referred by faculty and staff for a disability. What can I do if I think that a student in my class has a disability? Express concerns to student Avoid using term “disabled” Utilize the ODS for information Complete and submit a “Request for Needs Assessment” form to the ODS, after speaking to the students How should I to respond when a student gives me an Accommodations Plan? Accommodations are based on: student disclosure supporting documentation demonstrated need You may discuss accommodations with student File form in a safe place to ensure confidentiality Commonly Provided Support Services (as mandated by section 504) Audio books/text Classroom materials in alternate media Extended time on exams Readers Interpreters Notetakers/Notesharers Assistive Technology Guide or service dogs in class or on campus Supports that allow for access Commonly Provided Support Services (not mandated by 504) Tutoring Attendants Readers for personal use and/or study Other services of a personal nature Individually prescribed devices A student in my class requires extended time for exams. How is that fair to other students? Law addresses need Eliminates a competitive disadvantage Institutional compliance Shared responsibility NonDiscrim Why do some students request to take an exam in the AT Lab? The Assistive Technology Lab is dedicated to providing all qualified students with access to the equipment and tools necessary to allow for access to course material. The Assistive Technology Lab Available equipment: Closed Circuit TV Text Magnifiers Kurzweil 1000 Text to Speech Reader Kurzweil 3000 Text to Speech Reader Jaws Screen Reader Dragon Naturally Speaking Speech to text reader Where to Go when you have questions The Office of Disability Services welcomes your questions. To reach us, please call x2955 in Fall River; x4011 in New Bedford or x2996 in Attleboro. You may also email us at disabilityservices@bristolcc.ed u askaquestion.jpg