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How to Use the Advanced Search in Google Scholar
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To conduct an advanced search in Google
Scholar, click on the down arrow next to the
search field.
Here are some tips for how to use some of these
search options:
Use "with all of the words" to list the words that
your ideal articles will contain.
Use "with the exact phrase" to list a phrase that
you would like to see contained within your ideal
"With at least one of the words" means that
words can be mixed and matched to create a
You will get articles that contain at least ONE of
these words.
"Without the words" enables you to list words
that you do not want. This is helpful if your
keyword has a synonym.
"Where my words occur" allows you to specify
whether you want the keywords to appear
anywhere in the article or
just in the title of the article. Use "return articles authored by" to search using
an author's name,"
and use "return articles published in" to search
for articles within a specific journal.
Finally, use "return articles dated between" to
specify a date range of when the articles were
And that is how you use the advanced search
features in Google Scholar!