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    How It Works. A description of this training <BR>process. Video Runtime - 6:33. Hello and welcome. I'm Andy Bozeman. I'm a <BR>registered ServSafe® instructor and proctor. My ServSafe® number is 5389498. <BR> I am the CEO and Chief Education Administrator <BR>of the Food Safety Training Center. The web site is<BR> I've presented ServSafe® training for state <BR>compliant food protection manager certification to <BR>thousands of students. My pass rate is above 80 percent.<BR> Through I offer ServSafe® <BR>training Online and On-demand.<BR> Now, these web-based ServSafe® training <BR>programs are presented with prior, written <BR>permission from the National Restaurant Association Educational <BR>Foundation (NRAEF), which owns the ServSafe® <BR>program. Classes will address Basic Training for all food <BR>handlers, as well as 8 hour and 16 hour minimum <BR>certification requirements, by covering the entire ServSafe® curriculum. Different courses are available BASIC TRAINING is for ALL non-management <BR>food handlers who assist in food related <BR>operations, for Babysitters who want an edge on the <BR>competition, and for Individuals who simply want to be more <BR>safe with food at home. CERTIFICATION TRAINING is available for <BR>Professional Food Protection Managers who must be certified to meet State food code <BR>requirements.<BR> This training is for EVERYONE concerned with <BR>food safety, Managers who must meet State requirements, Food Handlers who need to know about food <BR>safety to get, or keep a job, Anyone who picks, packs, prepares, or <BR>processes food.<BR> General employees, ALL of whom support food <BR>safety in any food related business. Babysitters who want an extra edge on the <BR>competition. And, Individuals who just want to know.<BR> Everyone needs this knowledge. Whether you harvest, slaughter, handle, process, <BR>pack, deliver, store, prepare or serve, this training is for you.<BR> Here's how it works. You can take the training classes online from <BR>anywhere in the world with a capable computer. Then, if needed, take the exam near home. Simply register, receive instructions, and start <BR>your training. Anyone can take any class. Managers, employees, and individuals all have <BR>the same instant, on-demand access. <BR> Anyone who wants to take the training without the <BR>exam or a book can register and start the training <BR>immediately. But, for the best learning experience, it is <BR>recommended that you take the training with the <BR>correct book. The only class eligible for a State required <BR>ServSafe® Food Protection Manager Certificate <BR>is the Certification Class. For those who need to take the certification <BR>exam, I am in the process of signing thousands <BR>of exam administrators - proctors - across America who can provide you <BR>with the certification exam, close to home.<BR> For those seeking State Required Certification <BR>training, this program involves two separate <BR>purchases. The first purchase is from for <BR>the online, on-demand ServSafe® training class <BR>and book. The second purchase is directly from an <BR>independent ServSafe® exam administrator - a <BR>proctor - for the ServSafe® certification exam. Here's how THAT works. From your location, first, you will purchase <BR>ServSafe® training directly from Second, you will purchase your exam directly <BR>from a ServSafe® exam administrator –or proctor <BR>- who will provide the exam in your local area. The price of the exam is determined by each <BR>proctor. I do not dictate the price that any proctor might <BR>charge for an exam. <BR> You may choose any registered ServSafe® <BR>proctor. But, I am in the process of signing <BR>thousands of proctors, across America, who can provide you with the <BR>certification exam, close to home. The names of these FSTC List Proctors will be <BR>made available to you, free of charge, when you <BR>register to take the training. It is strongly recommended that you call this <BR>proctor, as soon as possible after you register for <BR>the training, to schedule your exam so it can occur, as soon <BR>as possible after you complete your training.<BR> If your order includes a book it will be sent to you. Take some time to study the book. Then, start the <BR>on-demand training, according to your own <BR>schedule, from any location with internet service. You can use any computer or handheld device <BR>that's FLASH®-ready.<BR> When you complete your training, go to your <BR>proctor to take the exam in person. After you pass the exam, your proctor will deliver <BR>your ServSafe® certificate.<BR> To take the class, go to On the home page Click Registration.<BR>Choose your course<BR>Register and pay. If your order includes a book, it will arrive in a few <BR>days. And, instructions will be emailed to you to start <BR>your training. <BR> On-Demand Training ADVANTAGES are <BR>NUMEROUS You get 120 hours of clock time to complete a 9 <BR>hour course.<BR> Now, this is not stopwatch time.<BR>This IS running clock time.<BR> After you start your training, the clock will keep <BR>running, even if you log-off. But, you get 120 hours, that's 5 days, to get <BR>through a 9 hour course. <BR> Take the training anytime. Use any computer or hand-held device that's <BR>FLASH®-ready Set your own schedule, during your 5 days. Time is saved for everyone, especially managers <BR>and employees who can't leave their operations. Travel is reduced.<BR>And, gas money is saved. <BR> Andy Bozeman's on-demand ServSafe® training <BR>classes are here to teach everybody. So, take a course yourself, or give the gift of food <BR>safety training to a friend or co-worker. For more information send an email to <BR> And, type the word STUDENT in the subject line.<BR> That's<BR> So come and take the training. It CAN change your life, and it just might save the <BR>lives of your friends, and your business, yourself, <BR>and your family. Thank you.<BR><BR>