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Member interviews 4
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    After the set-up so far we haven't <BR>received any more money into the system and we have been able just to use the <BR>same capital that we had and just support <BR>ourselves. As small as we are we are able to support <BR>ourselves still and to find ourselves receiving the things <BR>that we need in our daily lives. And speaking from experience, when I <BR>was living with my father who was a <BR>church worker you could go even for more than five <BR>months without any pay. My life was not good because I and my family were suffering from <BR>hunger. To my own understanding I feel like the <BR>rural church Malawians who are the members of the <BR>congregation, they try their best, but even their best is not even nearly <BR>enough to support what is needed for the church <BR>minister to survive There was nothing before, until now They don't have anything that can help <BR>me at all. Ministers, they starve if they don't have <BR>any other external support and in such a way, most of the ministers <BR>that are ministering in rural areas, they are the people that spend most of <BR>their time even in their fields instead of studying the Scripture and all that. and it's more than hard work in <BR>comparison with what Untangled is there <BR>to offer. Yes, my life was not good. There is something that is not good, like I failed to manage my family, maybe to <BR>buy clothes for my children even food it is very difficult for me to find those even my ministry. I don't have any basic <BR>needs. Right now, my life is better ! I'm very fine because I am managing for <BR>everything. The other benefits that they get is the <BR>training that they get in the Bible Study techniques <BR>that we study together And the times that we fellowship together <BR>in prayer We pray for their individual challenges <BR>that they are going through I am getting benefit in my spiritual life because here we learn Bible Techniques how can we teach others the Scriptures. Their churches are benefitting a lot in such <BR>a way that they gain knowledge on how to share the <BR>Scriptures because most of the pastors that we work <BR>with, they didn't really have enough <BR>training to do what they do. but they just have the zeal and the <BR>passion to do it. So, I benefit a lot knowing how to teach <BR>the Word of God. Yes, it helps me because when we are <BR>here we discuss. We are learning more things. I take those to teach to some leaders at <BR>my churches. Whatever we learn here, I do also share <BR>to my fellowship. Being with them here, it helps them to uplift their knowledge and their <BR>understanding of Scripture, that they are able to share it with more <BR>effectiveness than they did before. Now, peace in my mind, and even in my <BR>family and even in my ministry. They have the pride in using the money <BR>that they have worked for than just something that they have just <BR>received without having them work. Now I am very happy. I manage to take care of my family and <BR>even my ministry. They work with their own hands and they <BR>have something to share because they also see themselves as <BR>capable of producing something instead of just being on the receiving end. Now I manage to take care of my family to find food, and clothes - everything we <BR>need. People should help Untangled as a <BR>ministry so that it should go and reach even all <BR>over the country all over the world, not only here in Malawi. Because all over the world, people need <BR>salvation. People need to hear the Word of <BR>God. So with this ministry, that is our hope as <BR>Untangled to go all over the world. To teach about <BR>the Word of God. People need salvation. Not only in Malawi, <BR>but all over the world.