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    Information Professionals Real Estate School 708-687-8049 Salesperson to Broker We Now Have Leasing Agents Salespersons Brokers We Will Have Leasing Agents Broker the old Salesperson license Managing Broker the old Broker Salesperson Licensees Must Transition To Broker Salesperson license will cease to exist 4/30/12 a Salesperson must transition to Broker or they will lose their license after 4/30/11 absolutely no license can be issued to a Salesperson that has not transitioned meaning: you must now satisfy the new education requirements (90 class hours) to become a new licensee and pass the State exam How do you upgrade? Challenge the State’s Proficiency Test 50 question multiple choice test developed by the State’s real estate testing service Applied Measurement Professionals (AMP) Proficiency test can only be taken once If you fail you must complete the 30 hour transition course and pass the school test Information Professional’s exam not the AMP test Advertised date to pass the Proficiency Test is April 30, 2012 HOWEVER,… the State is stopping the Proficiency Test March 15, 2012 NO Proficiency Tests can be given after this date is to take the transition course home study Another Way to Transition and pass Information Professionals school exam and not the AMP exam the transition course Includes all the CE you need for your 2012 Renewal Pay transition fee by April 30, 2012 $125 Pay Renewal fee by April 30, 2012 $150 Must take 18 hours of CE to renew in 2012 Then April 30, 2014 12 hours of CE Information Professionals Real Estate School 708-687-8049