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In this presentation, Dr. Eskouhie Tchaparian, will present her recent publication on the “Effect of Culture Time on the Basal Expression Levels of Drug Transporters in Sandwich-Cultured Primary Rat Hepatocytes”. Sandwich-cultured rat hepatocytes are employed in drug discovery for pharmacological and toxicological assessment of drug candidates, yet their utility as a functional model for drug transporters has not been fully characterized. To evaluate the system as an in vitro model for drug transport, expression changes of hepatic transporters relative to whole liver and freshly-isolated hepatocytes (day-0) were examined by RT-qPCR for 4 consecutive days of culture.The presentation will demonstrate how RealTime StatMiner for TIBCO® Spotfire® can be used to measure relative quantification of transcription levels, to select genes whose expression levels are significantly different between two groups through a step-by-step workflow.
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