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Creating Medical Device and Diagnostics Sales and Marketing Insight Drawing Inferences from Incomplete Data Sets.mp4
The challenges of running an effective sales and marketing campaign in the medical device business are all too familiar. The sales force can consist of both company and distributer representatives, visibility into the departments of a hospital chain is limited and third-party data from market intelligence firms is incomplete. As a result, marketing and sales must cobble together data from multiple sources in spreadsheets. In this environment, decisions are made by instinct, rather than through real insight, and the ability to forecast market trends is no more than guesswork. Ben McGraw and Bill Innes will discuss how TIBCO Spotfire addresses these challenges with a highly visual, predictive analytics platform that can be used by anyone in the organization to ask questions of the data and conduct "what-if" scenarios.

Attendees will learn: 

- How easily rendered visualizations of data from multiple sources empower sales reps to discover new insights and relationships that were previously hidden, so they can make adjustments to strategy and move from insight to action 

- The power of being able to do ad-hoc querying of data without the need of IT intervention and how this enables marketers to make more accurate and predictive forecasts to support highly effective campaigns
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