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You already have some form of reporting and BI infrastructure in place. Reductions in your IT staff are pushing end users in functional areas towards more of a “self-service” model. In parallel, an increasing demand from your Business users for more relevant insights faster is exceeding capacity. Further, competitive pressures on your business are increasing. Your gut is telling you that enhancing the organization’s anticipatory analytic capabilities will enable speed and yield Competitive Advantages. While there are certainly many solutions available, the #1 reason why potential projects and or initiatives do not get implemented is because no one quantified the cost that the business incurs by not proceeding with the project or initiative. 

What You Will Learn in the Webcast:

1. A set of simple steps and a model – none of which are proprietary to a specific solution. 
2. How to accelerate the construction of a business case, and to increase your ability to effectively compete for and secure resources from limited funding sources. 

Who should attend: 

•Those actively working to put together business cases to secure budget to implement solutions that deliver such capability either within one specific work group or within and across the enterprise. 
•Those that have already begun to deploy Business Analytics, and have had some success, but need help in positioning a business case for an enterprise deployment.
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