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Empowering Business Decision Makers through Visual Statistical Analysis Case Study with Trinity Pharma Solutions.mp4
Business executives in marketing, sales, managed care and other commercial pharma departments must rely on sophisticated statistical expressions to comb through large amounts of data to make critical business decisions. Unfortunately, tweaking the assumptions to simulate a changed business scenario requires a call to IT to re-run the stats expression. This wastes precious time and is very expensive.

The latest version of TIBCO Spotfire allows a business user to run forecasts, promotion response, marketing mix analyses, etc, from award-winning Spotfire user experience. Change the assumptions on a filter panel, re-run the statistical analysis, and distribute through the enterprise. Simple, fast, and insightful. 

Trinity Pharma Solutions will present Spotfire analyses that bring together best practices from their various client implementations for sales and marketing teams of pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies. Spotfire's data integration, visualization, and advanced analytic capabilities provide a rich tool set for analysts who need to understand commercial performance and the underlying drivers. 

The presentation will explore how these new capabilities can be utilized by sales, marketing, and contacting teams to derive greater insight and conduct more advanced statistical analysis on the commercial landscape.

Please join us!
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