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CIO Imperatives for 2010 and Beyond.mp4
In the recent past CIO Magazine published their list of Top 10 Priorities for the CIO for 2010; In this webcast Tom Loane and Peter Julian, highly successful career CIOs and current Principles with TAG Consulting LLC, will speak to key priorities summarized below, and share their experiences as well as strategies and tactics for driving success in the role in 2010 and beyond. 

The purpose of this webcast is to explore relevant process and technology solutions that can be applied quickly to drive immediate value. Peter and Tom will drive the majority of the presentation and discussion. Tim Wormus will follow the discussion with a brief demonstration of how the Spotfire product aligns with these priorities which will then be followed by a brief Q&A. The start to finish time allotment planned for this webcast is 1 hour. 
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