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The importance of data in the energy field is a well known factor. The Spotfire Analytics Platform is deployed throughout, Gas and Power Trading, Multiproduct energy trader, and Rack distributor. Please join Spotfire with partner Drillinginfo in a special online webinar to learn the importance of visually analyzing the mountains of data you are presented with every day.

The TIBCO Spotfire Analytics Platform puts more power into the hands of Drillinginfo’s analytics team and customers allowing end users to cut time to decision, while guiding end users to more strategic insights. DrillingInfo Inc. is an information and data analysis service for the oil and gas industry whose clients include major oil companies and large and small independents that produce over 90% of all U.S. oil and gas. Drillinginfo uses Spotfire technologies Web-based business analytics, to build highly responsive, real-time business models which provide internal and external clients with accelerated business innovation, growth, and collaboration.

Learn how TIBCO Spotfire has provided Drillinginfo with an analytics platform to achieve those goals. 

The presentation Features:
• Intro to Spotfire - Why Spotfire high level overview
• Spotfire in Energy – Commitment, Market Share, Partners, and Solutions
• Spotfire Energy Demo 
• Drillinginfo – Demo
• Q & A 

Come join us for this valuable, informative session!

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