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Oncology Drug Development with TIBCO Spotfire - Clinical Trial Operations and MedicalSafety Analysis.mp4
Join John Walker of Infinity Pharmaceuticals and TIBCO Spotfire's Michael O'Connell for a case study discussion of clinical trial operations and medical/safety analysis with Spotfire at Infinity.

Infinity's integrated clinical systems, consisting of custom CTMS (iTrac), Pharmacovigilance (Oracle ARGUS), EDC (Medidata) and a CDISC-compliant data warehouse (CRICIT) enables the timely analysis of clinical data to meet strategic and tactical needs. The platform's automated reporting and a progressive approach to data visualization and analysis has led to broad use throughout the company. 

TIBCO Spotfire Clinical software serves as a primary mechanism for data review, transforming all aspects of clinical operations and medical review. The recent release of Clinical Operations and Safety dashboards have leveraged all of these components and have allowed the relevant teams to generate higher quality decisions with greater efficiency and productivity.

Come join us for this valuable, informative session!
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