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News Clues How Web Content Can Help You Predict and Test the Impact of Events.mp4
In this webcast we will present TIBCO Spotfire in conjunction with Recorded Future, a Cambridge, MA startup that is a commercial pioneer in the field of news analytics. The Recorded Future engine uniquely identifies and incorporates temporal data in a powerful contextual analysis of text from online content, providing a tool like Spotfire with the rich dataset which can be used to analyze and take quantify predictive measures. 
In financial services, by looking at the events, both historical and future, and related companies, products or other entities extracted from web content, a Spotfire user can analyze aggregate measures like market sentiment, trading volumes, momentum, and use these to predict movements in share prices. Backtesting similar events to assess the predictive power of certain often-occurring events is yet another application of news analytics. In today’s webcast, jointly presented by Venkat Mullur of Spotfire and Bill Ladd of Recorded Future you will learn about both companies platforms, and see an integrated application that illustrates the essential ideas behind news analytics.
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