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Risk Management and Stress Testing in Spotfire 3.1.mp4
The recent global financial crisis saw many a bank inadequately capitalized to sustain their ratings or maintain their normal lending operations. Stress testing, often inadequately termed as "worst-case" scenario planning came to the fore as a way to test capital levels. A robust stress testing regime looks at both the magnitude (severity) of losses and the likelihood of such losses coming to pass. 

Spotfire Analytics brings the power of statistics to the desktop application. It allows the user to posit scenarios, perform what-if analysis, and even question basic statistical assumptions underlying your models. Our robust statistical server, running seamless in the background, returns the answers and other responses quickly and in a manner that allows for iterative analysis. The ability to pose scenarios and quickly see results is a big step forward from traditional quantitative-only approaches to stress testing. 

In this webcast, Venkat Mullur, Senior Director (Industry Solutions) of TIBCO, will analyze the subject of stress testing, discuss three distinct approaches, and illustrate the salient ideas with a simple demonstration powered by Spotfire 3.1. We hope to see you there!
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