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Genomics Data Analysis Design, Quality Control, Statistical Analysis and more - Part  1.mp4
Join Alexandra Vamvakidou-Thomas of Integromics for a two-part complimentary webcast discussing genomics data analysis tools: Integromics Biomarker Discovery™ for TIBCO® Spotfire® for microarray data analysis and RealTime StatMiner® for qPCR data. 

In Part 1, we will present Integromics Biomarker Discovery™ for TIBCO® for microarray analysis and how its guided workflows and Tools, can be applied to analyze Affymetrix, Illumina, Two-Channel and CGH data. We will address questions concerning data quality, array normalization, and explore differentially expressed genes, gain understanding about the biological processes affected between the various groups of the experiment, utilize the Gene Ontology Browser to locate genes of interest in a gene ontology hierarchy and display the Pathway Viewer to reveal which pathways are implicated.
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