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The landscape has clearly changed in the past few years, and while uncertainty remains, there is no ambiguity regarding two longstanding imperatives: grow revenue, and do more with less. While these challenges aren’t new, they’re more complex and different in that they’re exacerbated by the accelerating pace with which windows of opportunities open and close, and the increased pressure to deliver results ahead of expectations. Today, and with the advent of RFID, smart grid technologies and the like, there’s more data than ever before, traditional business intelligence methods leave sales and marketing teams starved for insights that yield competitive advantage. The issue is about spotting what you don’t know that’s relevant, and that you need to know. With this backdrop, this webcast will focus on answering the following questions: 

1. How to partner with channels (i.e. customers) to increase shelf-space and their sales?
2. How to enable sales and marketing personnel to effectively manage more relationships?
3. How to accelerate the delivery of insights that are on trend from across multiple sales, marketing, and distribution channels?
4. How to more effectively measure and monitor performance across your portfolio of marketing initiatives? 

The purpose of this webcast is to explore solutions that can be applied quickly to drive immediate value. This webcast presents an opportunity for line leaders to engage in a peer discussion, and understand solutions for affecting positive step change across and within their sales and marketing organizations. It will include a brief demonstration of how the Spotfire product aligns with these priorities which will then be followed by a brief Q&A. The start to finish time allotment for this webcast is just under 1 hour. 

Who should attend:
• Chief Marketing Officers, SVPs, VPs ,Directors, and Team Leads
• Chief Sales Officers, SVPs, VPs, Directors, and Team Leads
• Personnel whose function is to supply Sales & Marketing personnel with directional business intelligence
• Line of Business Executives in Manufacturing, Consumer Goods, and Distribution sectors
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