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By now, your customers are asking you to lower prices – if you do, can you stay profitable? Do you actually know which customers are profitable and drive value to your organization? Do you know where to look to find these answers?

Most companies have flexibility on their balance sheet and income statement, but they don't know how to tap into it. Attend our free, upcoming webcast and you'll hear ideas that can make a difference.

Our speaker, Paul Buchanan, is a specialist in the application of analytics to improve cash flow and value creation. Paul has 25 years executive experience overseeing areas of financial planning, economic analysis and supply chain management. He is also adjunct professor for Supply Chain Management at Rockhurst University and on the Finance Advisory Council for the University of Iowa College of Business.

What you will learn in the webcast:

• How to use analytics to optimize inventory and improve service levels
• Why all positive business changes do not add economic value equally
• Which tradeoffs (price, cost, net operating assets) can release the most capital

As a special offer, all attendees to the webcast will have 30 day access to the same analytic tool Paul will use to demonstrate his financial methods and concepts on the webcast. You don’t want to miss it!
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