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Multi-Factor Risk Analysis using the TIBCO-Spotfire Risk Platform - Combine the power of visual analytics with traditional quantitative analytics to gain insights swiftly and in a manner that is immediately actionable

Financial institutions, especially banks and insurance companies, face correlated and uncorrelated risks. Given the swiftness with which correlations can rise in an economic crisis, and the strength of the new correlations, it is imperative that these institutions be ready with models that help answer what-if questions, provide realistic estimates of economic capital, and help bring clarity to oft times obtuse risk behavior and dynamics. 

In this complimentary webcast, we present a tiered approach to modeling that separates and distinguishes data, logic, presentation, and most importantly, interpretation of model results.

Attendees of the webcast will be shown how components of a risk model that reside in disparate systems can be integrated using the visual capabilities of Spotfire Miner. Further, we will show a pre-built two-factor risk model in Spotfire Miner, execute the model in Spotfire S+, and visualize the results with Spotfire visual analytics, while retaining the ability to re-run parts of the model without having to go back to either the IT or modeling teams. 

What distinguishes our approach from those offered in traditional BI tools is this ability to re-run the model, by changing parameters or dimensions, from a visual and interactive platform. The fact that the user can instantaneously view results without recourse to data marts or customized scripting reduces cycle time and increases the decision-making power, while reducing the decision time-cycle, of the business professionals.
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