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TIBCO Spotfire for Lead Discovery  How Visual Analysis Can Accelerate Insights from Compound-Centric Data.mp4
For 13 years, Spotfire has been the leading platform for visual analysis of chemistry and biology data. All major pharma and biotech companies use Spotfire's DecisionSite suite to discern patterns and outliers in multivariate drug discovery data. The new TIBCO Spotfire platform, available at no additional cost to most DecisionSite users, brings exciting new visualizations, data handling flexibility, and deployment options. In this webcast, you'll see how TIBCO Spotfire lets you easily:
• Drill down from project-level metrics to individual compounds
• Get an overview of how many compounds in each series pass project-specific criteria
• See trends of key assay results over time
• Assess results of multiple assays across multiple series
• Spot trends and outliers in assay results, and explore hypotheses about the
• structural basis for biological results
• View plots of IC50 data, and drill down to dose response curves
• Publish interactive Spotfire analyses for use in a web browser by anyone in your organization
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