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Chris McMahon - The Audience Experience Part 2 - Flash (Medium) - 20101027 08.18.49AM
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I was . that may ever so much sense to judge it by Inexperienced jive with my own experience and one one world as close to music world . mom and over time . particularly as I have come to be a competent telecommuting have sold software Tester . I have become firmly convinced that the work . performing artist is exactly the same as the work of a functioning adults . when you tell us mean that the to do I want to make sure that you understand that I'm saying that . Idol software creation does not like performing artists work if he is there is an identity between the two . insist on this identity because as I said we have all of these tools for liberal arts we have two letters is reaffirmed philosophy psychology history of any sort away to to deal with . concepts . if we say this is only a matter for them we lose access to those tools . and the reason I think this . when I started thinking the blue wall . the six two thousand seven . there's this book . Rob Boston we got in our own . bar are professors at Harvard Want a professor of theater in the other is a professor of computer science and is focused on two thousand three as an introduction from Camp back . and in this book of these two professors of computer science and Peter Just try it . why is that here in software development is the same as putting on a theater performance . it's a remarkable book in many ways it doesn't go nearly far enough it is a book for managers . um Titterrell managers . why is that a national team room has index cards strewn everywhere and it's full of Norway's Anders lucky charms on the table before wear funny ads . it doesn't look like . what managers think software engineering been localized ready for this is a very very good explanation of why . agile teams look of the way they do to outsiders . it doesn't have a very good explanation of what it means to be a creator of Tool software were creators offer in about away . now I think this is a huge hole and . well we didn't . from an ongoing taken Example from Users variants as I said I've been working in thinking a lot of Users variance Worth and so as far as I understand it . the State of the crackers and new modern User Experience test him are User Experience work . is that there's often a utility left . and we will bring in normal people and sent them down in for the computers in special session and was special software to get the maps of where they click King were they . and sometimes these User Billy left even have a one way mirrors . right so we can watch them as we have nothing to do with this Experience right . as if we were completely removed . you know it makes no sense . on another seeing is that User Experience work . all these Users are always interviewed afterward about how they feel we're very interested in the emotions of the people using the software which I find it creepy . because . because it seems terribly immaterial to the point of the effort . and I think this is missing a huge Hello Matt I think that About hopes more about this . um . there's more parallels between this work . there's really as a working User to be clearly Livingston basically two ways . although the first way is strong . you click private parties . and because you charge a lot of money is that this is like the to be a wedding band right . I was in a wedding Bad for many years . and the economic Call for this is that you're not interested in pleasing the Users you're not interested in pleasing the People of the party . you're interested in pleasing the father that right because the secrets to check in and I . so if the father the but once to hear the for two . you don't pull out giant steps you click the For tuna matter how much of its are . and this happens to us and software all the time right it happens to me right now from the worst thing for China . my client once a very complex work through . for a directed study of patients with certain artists to have to be approved asserts testing can be rejected add certain steps . and the entire operation could easily be accomplished our weekly . Fox . they don't want a week marks the one a complex we're closer we've gotten a few more complex workload . and we charge them a lot of money for a long . but there's another way . two . there were decisions made doing . and that is two . Lin Well what I should say is that . Palm . footnote get there . the way working Users May excuse to put their teasing out in public . and trust in their own talents and their own creativity in their own . Dr to build an audience sell tickets sell records . get concerts get promotions . and basically build an audience . Oh in the first case a wedding band cases it kind of makes sense to do something like what we know is User Experience testing I mean we've got a group of users that we're very focused on are we really want to make this small group of Users happy . in the second thing and then when we're trying touch on the world . we don't care about Users we just want all records . and so I think about . winners of the world has Facebook and Tool search . I don't think the Estate of the art of Users variants . understanding knows what's going on . I don't think we have really a fundamental understanding of what's happening between the people who create these very large very public applications software itself and the people who Users about software I think there's a teenaged yes our understanding . I think that if we could feel the cap we would have far fewer failures for these sorts of public . software Still many are afraid or . you guys know that . um . you and this really is easy . this is the standing of nations . I guess I'm a little bit more before I get there I Q here . there are there's the beginning of some noise . about this situation . I've got a couple of examples in one example that I think approaches this sort understand is the idea from the guys in thirty seven signals about opinionated software . um . they are very very clear that the recent signals People are extremely clear that they are injecting their own personalities into their work and if you don't like what they're doing . they're not going to change for you and you can go on your way . if you can like what they're doing and they welcome you to come in and buy their stuff at a fairly low rate and then they're very successful at it . I think this business of opinion software begins to point to some sort of understanding between the creator of software or an audience . the other Example in that I How does this idea of a software craftsmanship Who movement . so you probably ever of this to Wal-Mart and a Hoover . Palm . I think that all of them all the trooper is probably the best . I think . Martin is not against all to leave it that . from but most of the is this the software craftsmanship . Think OK or two . the kind of analytical tools are available from Little art in the long . hundreds thousands year old to the histories of of of how little Think in liberal arts I find all these approaches to be terribly trivial . and not particularly useful . but they don't they're not prescriptive They don't tell you . they don't . they don't predict our model by which an audience so creators an A and Inexperienced will will interact . and we can get that kind of protection from some the analytical tools from psychology history . O'Leary criticism etc cetera . um . to some . yes those so I think if we can borrow war in the traditions and add and boy we have now . it cannot help but make it better . wrong . and we're only talking to somebody on the committee that has offered testing community is even worse . from frankly are . I'm Brian . yes I'm getting to the persona not gotten a lot of places for Samaras Tom and that's one of the reasons I started writing about testing conference to set I really want to bring in some new ideas because I think the public discourse on and on tougher testing is more abundant in its second match into a . and I think if we don't fix it fast . to walk a nice offer testers left in the world and I think that the brain a lot to the table . of . you know Example out a system in music business and I think that there should be something like this in the software business . I don't see a I don't know where to come from . so in nineteen sixty four . Google releases their first baby record . he was told Wednesday morning three am to edit the total on a lot . when nowhere . record label Columbia edit on the shelf the safety commission that and they didn't accept contract . but they to say he does so . and also in a move to London to playful clothes and art Garfunkel struggling as we did . so are his own initiative theirs is producer at Columbia a guy named . Tom Wilson who also produced the bill and . but going around about to edit it . Tom Wilson took this long off this live album . he did nothing to it he took exactly the same recording any edit somewhat target are . he also added a little bass drums but they're on the almost inaudible . what he can really hear to edit it are the Columbia re-release as a single day when immediately the number one . Simon back from you're from England and the hastily recorded their second album sells a silent . which also went number one . I have another example . um . where in Atlanta I was coming in this two year seeing Unknown . the Broncos signed a record deal . then the bike on a daily news guy Brendan O'Brien . I didn't but I don't know that this story is true . that's the first thing I have to say I believe that diverted from other people I believe that it to be true it may not Features . wrong . but . why User according to a debut Island . and there are according to projects that day . and everybody's are happy with a guitar tracks at the end of the day in to the auto to Brendan O'Brien The producer . if you know have we're one of the Pearl Jam he's huge know that he was barely known at the time . Robin O'Brien What does this to do that by staying up all night . re cutting all in sharp track sprint and played all the guitars on the top . when that came back next day . said Wow these are some live there in the users . says yes to some effect on them . so he never admitted that he and about the credits all Say . the credits They They don't have Remember we're trying click to target that's what he did . Corso that their debut Double was she do we was also Cover one for not mistaken . and so . while Wonder . it is where are the people we call these people in the music business we call the music producer's . it's their job to make its . and in order to do the job they have to have command of the physical equipment the recording equipment . they have to have command of musical instruments . the edit our player like Brandon better than the band is produced . but we also know have to know how to sell a record . they also have to know what people are by and They have no what people are going to buy . that's their job touch with are paid for . I've only seen the school in the soccer world and I think it could be an important thing . I mean I think there People in the soccer world who have these killers who have the technical skills to help commodities market knowledge and and you have the Your the chops to pull this off . and once again I think that there are probably software products failing . because of Not Inc . this way . right . none of us think in terms of a wing and a producer . to turn this forbidding it . make his debut album go to Rwanda . um . I just I would like to hear more talk of people doing the sky to work and I just don't I don't know where is . I don't know where such People would come from side to face this . . so . . . let me know OK we get Iraqis also you one more stories from the mine was from the minors working edit readers or from right after the the flight crews to check the record went number one Chris Robinson walked in . s Research Inc . so the goal and assist until Great Amherst are to sell a record . Collins . I just love the story thank you for and of to me . . there he is . the other . there is a well known clothing That who was three . question So the story later . all I said I seeing calm . I think the um . the relationship between . the dollar bears are for creators test his analysis Polanco came . the team . the software . the audience . IBM the Users is exactly the same as that of the performers to performance and the Up and the art in the audience . have some time ago I wrote a are some of art that was extremely confident controversy O'Leary hit a bunch of mail lists I got a what if he about his comments the most of which are affiliated with Call against have them . and I have a lot of reasons not to not to like and and and and similar or cancel are ways of doing software in the . my main objection . Paul tell you what I like about numbers and Sgrena were already rooted doesn't have the scrum as long as you release a set of Features at the end of the derision for users . I don't care how you doing . but I think that is the best approach to add gold to releasing software that Apple teams and the reason is that it is told . the creators and the users the chance for celebration . and wrong . I saw this . I was working at Social Text because Social Things was brilliant at getting Features out the door . every two weeks I think in that you we can two years I was there I think we blew May Be one interaction . every single two weeks . new Features for Users every single two weeks . new Features for Users every single two weeks New Year's year after year after year after year . and what we found over time . so we have a we had a of mean this window for the Users service on Saturdays . and so we we loaded muses on Saturdays . and we had people fall in orally scheduled Monday morning . in my mind I picture like groups of excited people around the terminals are other computers . exercising on you Features because we would start getting feedback e-mail phone call saying Great job loss and Features Things or given us that at the same time we're monitoring the server logs on Monday morning right Primoz Real Time . and we're watching all these people use this new stuff . they're not they're not having to discover it . later in the week of these guys are anticipating our work . and this . this is exactly the same feeling that I got in front of this People getting the A ten thousand people giving me a standing of Asia . you know it's this opportunity . for performance . its creators and software and Users altogether of the same time . in something that . as a creator myself is something that feels very much like a performance . and then my attention the can down in my objection to anything that doesn't provide the sort Experience is edit dresses factory assembly line . we're just going with his off the wall until there's no more when it's all all except there's to be we just keep coming . we don't have this opportunity to celebrate an even worse are users don't have this opportunity to celebrate our User our whole on the air . whatever of the season when they're asked it . I just don't think . I don't think it's very exciting . right . I love other directions if you are to readers you're welcome here . . so him you can close the end here of . we think of ourselves as creators . we're not How soon observers of those using our software we're not be high in one way glass . true with the scientific the year over of detachment from we are actually part Experience . we're protecting our own . skills our own Dr our own sensibilities into what we're doing and we have a real honest . feedback loop with people who are consuming the product of our creativity . I think that's that's I think it's been terribly terribly neglect . and so I want Unknown . listen to what these people who are projecting to tell you is not one of nowhere we find to a record producers were the findings is makers . and how do we get this audience Experience to go . . the top four you would like to conclude . I would like to play one more tune Actually . and I would like to give you a little . Dumars says he is out . did you how crazy idea . if you have some crazy idea . there's something about your work . again suggests that edit has nothing to do with anything that anybody else is talking about . put it out in the world anyway . because you're going to find some sympathetic people eventually are going to shoot on a lot . but you'll find some sympathetic people . and you might actually change the world saw him play you a two . by the grave which I may regret wrong with that great of British player Richard Thompson . what a great songwriters the plan century and a . electrifying it are clear . but you're one of his hands . in Tool Tool who'll Lulu . you know so . when somebody five . the . you know . the is and . GAO TV . seven thousand sixteen J is . this three . Santana me . two soldiers . the EU zero . so . I Be . some days I it . you know . gay and I . Linda has been . . and all details are talking . . . the knee and sold . Nielsen will . and it . they may be a . . now . the . you know . I . you . I . the rule . Gates . thank you very much . the . . . . . we . so it . it . last . . . .