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Rhino 08 - Flash (Large) - 20121005 03.09.25PM
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    . hmm going to be looking in a number away and shot the Kurds from surfaces . and getting information out of the last hope you . I did use the laser cutter or create drawings in all it adds that he considered getting more transferable workflow between these three dimensional programs and to the bench . the first and then going to show you . he is . section . which is very useful tool . I'm going to created a number of cubes so that is . . little bit of complexity . Steve today she didn't run into . sectionals . . . just it . and . tall and straight piece . whatever's to study . it's going to lean Union all of these guys together . . this is that I can kind of understand it . the intersections . it all . . she studied he wanted to pull a section through . all you need to stay in session . the last . it was so lucky August receptions . he did them all . the central and done . all you need to use some form of deception . so this is what it would be for this one . and this cannot start . . the next stages of drawing new research . you can export this as he did he cheat on it I didn't . making an assumption drawn from this . and although it to me you can do that if you are a little bit more curious is she looking for the proper section one one to really express . the complexity of the forum is that you can call him . cartoon against lot of debts . to return . you can come to any direction . and so . if you really want to be on tour and forty five degrees . I want to stay or go no . I'm going to email us TV . the distance between the contours . I'm going to try hundred . also and she can see here . I roast . the country drawing . and all I can serve to look . the best way . most indicative . section for the project . this is a very useful . if you are looking forward to shuffle great . the corruption of . oh how the building changes . in this tool can be used in . in a series of different ways . plus one that I'm going to show you is totally different . if I . went to . a site called such a great time . I'm just going to pick this one . thirty record . and I'm going to . a Surrey useful schools under the current command . first one so I'm going to show huge consumers of the students as well . sian . the commanders . all checks . a number of relieving the . useful tools . first one is Steve . what a friend . so if I really like this wire frame and I wanted to start using it up . for whatever reason and it says becoming tropical system may be unwanted . extended down to form some type of a lawful slot . I can go in . to her . the extra quiet friend . the insult . I know who this . . atheists . new kids . slice it . and the concert to become the structure . . so all wet . go and search this true church trade . minus two hundred and fifteen because I want to go down rather than pop . and so now . that concert too . each issue the way that you start to develop . the drawings were for the laser cutter you now to figure out a way that not all of these . that's quite easily done . and his back . . the insurgency hell . the concert is to sell some form of relief . a nice tool use . I don't cruise . intersection . so this allows me to defy . the intersection between these two forms . not how the curtains and I can use it to stick to you on . you can link to some how this works quite well if you tried to do with very very complex forms and you just need to you . so they actually get the line when you need TP . trying to section it was a way of finding her . and don't . the last one that I want to show you this . for whatever reason . you've lost a skirt . and to . he needed to get back . it's kind of cute working or developing product . he duplicated ash . lol allow you to you just have to share and all you've got the courage back again . so this means that you can periodically . the current alliances . if you're not moving them to just lay on . Justin and delete something is the way it's getting . a number of ways of extracting that . wines from from three forms .