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  1. Engaging the Student Hive Mind
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  11. The Challenge!
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  15. Classroom Technologies
  16. Classroom Technologies (cont)
  17. Classroom Technologies (cont)
  18. Wing Flex During Turbulence
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  25. The Old Approach
  26. A Modified Approach
  27. How Well Did It Work?
  28. How Well Did It Work?
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Engaging the Student Hive Mind Practical examples of how technology can help in teaching large class sizes 7 November 2012 Dr. Calvin Rans Department of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering email: MAE Logo High res.png Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Department Carleton University What am I doing? Teaching Should be a Dialogue Feedback Loop What are the difficulties? Students are too distracted Are we not equally distracted? C:\Users\Calvin\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\4UIMVEZ1\MC900054676[1].wmf No Participation Is this really a “large class” problem? While small classes offer more opportunities for students to interact directly with their professor during class time, unless the instructor is capable of controlling the class, it can often degenerate into a situation where only a handful of students actually get the professor’s attention. “[Small classes] tend to be more easily monopolized by some students,” says Jennifer Marinucci, a third-year English student at the University of Guelph. C. Jerema, “Thriving in a Class of 700”,, Nov. 2010 Students are all about grades Feedback Loop GRADES! C:\Users\Calvin\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\NZSXVAOS\MP900439513[1].jpg Students don’t come to class Recognize not all students are the same The Challenge! Make lectures more engaging Provide effective means for participation Provide alternative forms of feedback Accommodate wide variety of student learning styles 11 Teaching a Large Class Technology to the Rescue! The Challenge! Make lectures more engaging Provide effective means for participation Provide alternative forms of feedback Accommodate wide variety of student learning styles 11 Teaching a Large Class Technology to the Rescue! Classroom Technologies Stylus Enabled Tablet PC Windows Journal (Windows) or Xournal (Linux) Jit Bose (School of Computer Science) Advantages PDF creation ability Face class during lecture No more chalk! 13 MAAE 2202 Case Study Classroom Technologies (cont) Camtasia Relay Screen Capture (aka Capture) Ability to capture computer screen and sound Joe Lipsett (EDC) Advantages Compliments use of tablet Ability to record lectures Ability to automate offline help 14 MAAE 2202 Case Study Classroom Technologies (cont) Text message based in-class voting Patrick Lyons (EDC) Advantages Instant feedback from class Potential feedback to students 15 MAAE 2202 Case Study Wing Flex During Turbulence 16 17 Wing Flex During Turbulence 16 17 19 19 19 The Old Approach 21 MAAE 2202 Case Study C:\Users\Calvin\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\TU6VV7B2\MP900422581[1].jpg C:\Users\Calvin\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\TU6VV7B2\MP900402266[1].jpg Problem sets Exam grades theory examples A Modified Approach 22 C:\Users\Calvin\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\Content.IE5\TU6VV7B2\MP900402266[1].jpg Case Study (real world applications) Condensed Theory Lecture In-class polling Solution of Example Problem Example Problem Library Video Library capability standing MAAE 2202 Case Study PDF Library How Well Did It Work? It was a lot of work… Some of the highest attendance ever Got a lot of great feedback “Dr. Rans made use of many different tools to impart course material and deserves a raise!” “You can tell that he actually cares” “Recordings really helped for studying, thanks!” Cant please everyone “More written notes; lecture slides do not help much” “Speed up and give more examples!” 23 MAAE 2202 Case Study How Well Did It Work? A few lost souls “Need more motivation to do the problems; perhaps weekly quizzes” “Students will not work on problem sets if there is no grade for them” 24 MAAE 2202 Case Study 25 Questions?
. you are . zero interest of from someone I know when you're to introduce me sword to see the star whenever I need start . on . saw this myself my name is Calvin Rans and I'm in a System professor in the Department of Mechanical Aerospace Engineering . Myers us by BBC to come up with a A talk about Teaching a Large costume and some of the issues that Teaching a Large classes . and how we can try get around some of those . so I thought I would reflect upon . my journey since becoming an assistant professor here Carleton . so I was and I are your top ago . I'm . I came in in one of my first Cross is on I was assigned toys a second year engineering costs with hundred and fifty students . contrived I did my brushes degree here . it was one of the courses I took the seven Oaks was exactly the same . and what I was faced with . was that . standing in front of a chalkboard . the center had written Notes . writing l theory . writing on examples of students just studiously copied everything now . not even really questioning its basically everything I put on the board was almost like the word of gone Q how much I write this down and memorize it . and as I was going to this course . I got really frustrated class myself what am I doing . effectively . on a was writing out a text book . I was allowing them to transcribe it textbook . if they were didn't want y I wasn't doing anything more than one textbook . sword . where was understandable why in such large class is like that . Students don't come if you're not offering more than one attacks both coasts . don't they can open a text book one . the Times convenient for them here lecture maybe thirty in the morning they know what to be there . so we have to do something different week . she house to be different then . all offer something different and just a text book . and . we also understand that all not on the level . and it's the CCC or smallpox is that in Teaching a house to be a Dialogue grassy back and forth communication . on you have to be more than just read or just getting information from a text book and giving it . the house to be this this feedback loop going back and forth . so while I was teaching writing stuff on the blackboard thinking about this I thought well why . why isn't this by law to their large class what is . some of the problems . so what are the difficulties when presented with a large class like this . and there are a number of difficulties and and . you . it's Q in nature human instinct . as I was thinking about some of them in my head the All formulated into things that were the fault of student . of course we don't do anything wrong twenty two Towards the problem with large crosses is not the students these days . the shear that for many professors students these days just don't care or . been doing things wrong . so some O thoughts on pop into my head were that students these days are too distracted . into a dark . if you are not bad old . but you might gain very few people Lug laptops now everyone has a laptop . smartphone all sorts the gadgets they can communicate we back and forth text . and . they'll be doing this in your costs . I ask myself twelve . is this really the fault of the students . I'm a close since I can actually come to relate to this . was thinking about conferences . and we're all guilty of the exact same thing if you goto conference any conference the media the minute there's a presentation . that doesn't grab your attention . the percent error isn't really making a finding Gauge eating . or they just lose you somehow . why going off on some really convoluted detail that doesn't relate to you . you plug your laptop you pull out some work to start marking . so this really isn't the fault of the students this destruction . it's just an indication not for naught and grabbing their attention and costs for not cooking them in getting them interested . so this is one thing A Surrey license somehow there's gonna be a way to make bills lectures more one morning Teaching . . another thing the pop in my head as I was doing Notes on these block Ford and in Teaching the costs . surf L does not really any participation from the cops and all of you with experience this . just a question he turned to the class and in your mind is thinking all it ever and an eraser and one answer this because it . paying attention and . and what you get is essentially an empty classroom ice Well BMP has no one's going to respond . dead quiet here standing there on comparably sorta thinking . do I use come across what you the represented everything perfectly in everyone understands are going to completely lost . and doesn't want to speed up . I'm unfortunately you find out about that at the exam and by then it's too late . so I'll ask myself what is this participation aspect we see it in larger constants . what is it really a problem of larger costs and some I actually did some reading into this . I know I'm a nice article my and discover . an excerpt moment . and just some imported parts highlighted in green . one of the things that get me was . some . this the second highlight the green portion called from a student from University wealth . that . art is a showing is also to show in small classes from the professor's standpoint . we feel like we're having worked to station because you asked a question and invariably one or two people will be police answer Note question t feel like oak and having to interrupt . but from the student's point of view it's just about as in a large pot . there's a couple Students monopolize in the time I actually remember that I can remember about my adoption degree . it was O is not one person who would ask a question . and he railed the lecture from teaching the rest of people . so . yes it's probably large class is but I also think it's probably small classes we just don't see it the same way . so the house to be a better way to get the entire Cross of the whole participate rather than just forcing a question that it's one on one unless you have a group of one twenty two o media group of two . Got for mom . participation is just not going to work so well . . the other thing I noticed What teaching this Cross was sad students really seem like they were great don't they just walk around in the late great . everything's great . how much is this worth . he'll fly tube out on this can I make up with another assignment . all they want to know is . Neil really need to we seem to care about understanding anything that's in the course exists when all our Mechanical great . . it's a negative perception we have all the Student but I think the reason is to come talk to this teaching is some sort of feedback loop . the only feedback we are usually giving students a great . the only measure they How can all How Well and the understanding of how well are they doing . and if all we do is never a given race with no other way of evaluating how they're doing . we try we trying on and off sometimes it's a well paid a record calm calm sense of holy can use self email you h the dots . that's kind of probably the most tricky . it works for the really top student O really motivated . but other people need other forms of feedback . so to get processor grades on the type of mentality we have to provide other forms of feedback . the fourth thing that I really noticed a lot . I'm . Students don't come the cost More Cox from missed . as a new professor the noise bothers you feel a bit offended . why am I why are they not coming . not interested . on the other hand all this money they wanted to get this degree able to get a good job . a new come that costs . and I thought about in the concepts of block forty lecture in built Got type of lecturing works for some students . some tinsel cannot without and it works really well for them . other students . the getting anything from not getting anything from it cannot come to cost . and that's a really tricky thing with a large class is that not all students are the sameThe on all cookie cutter shape . people who learn the scene . different keep a lot different Learning the time I really became aware of this . my first year shear having to deal with some academic accommodations with the Lincoln Center Students which is an extreme . the type of thing but then not you are sorta forced to accommodate them . so I had to deal with certain people needed additional milk acres because they have a hard time cross-section went off on someone in the class can trump card Notes and submitted for some of the students who had the special needs . I was sorta thought to myself . for the Apply to more general sense these or maybe some of the more extreme cases . what . every student has a different way of learning and . the concert to break it up into the three B C D Lee and his visual auditory and three . Tyler people in the top sellers . no one to one or write everything down there how do it . the jewelers to lose and everything just on the block for release flow . auditory learners will only CTU . their find to clean trying to copy everything down . southern on actually able to post their . in honor able to focus on the two things . so somehow we How to set up our lecture In to accommodate all those aren't . . based upon Not reflection and to and from the block order talked myself or there's gotta be a better way to do this . I need to find a way to make my lectures more and ageing . don't so Students are distracted . find a new means to provide . participation from a clot . just turning around and ask in question . I've never had It Work not want Body minimum costs of twenty . it doesn't really work so well . the area she C people groan when someone actually . axis question because the general Cross wants to lecture to move on to what you focus on one or two student . it . Provide alternative forms of feedback . try and . and give feedback that is Integrate related . I throw determine us a bit of a challenge . which might use for group work a bit to not tend to work A learn from . How Well they're doing relative to other people within the group . there's gotta be other ways we can increase . and also accommodating a wide variety of student Learning styles and dot one . becomes more difficult because it creates more work for you . all of this section creates more work that's kind of issue . What wanted the top . Tom you'll get much better result . so . I'm . I was looking at these things it's like wow can I incorporate all the six mile actors how can I improve them . and in the large costs . I'm quite limited but the block for two months one month Rafah twelve . there's gotta be some . new Teaching technology some things that we can incorporate didn't wear lectures . to make them more in Teaching and reach students . you're already off to a good start if you start incorporating technology is out already makes it warned Teaching students love to Mrs Internet a drink . they loved it use to love . things that calm . our instinct and they're not use to our learning style where we just we're old stuff down and had . and up and ten books . they want . multimedia milk and decreases . so when the talk . and introduced briefly . three Technologies actually one of the mind using radar attached at the microphone on . I'm actually Recordings Fletcher and I'll give it the scene . they can force on the website . calm . so people who weren't able to attend . and I should take a look at it . ultimate of God as well . but there's two other technologies one person to talk about . one of the Prime easier ones to incorporate doesn't change electric style very much . I'm not the use of tablet PC . I learned about this one three BBC she one I did my . from Survivor Carleton . the new faculty orientation here . there was a pastor and bolts from the school of computer science . and . he . I've developed an allergy to chalk . contained and so suddenly he was presented with not being able to write on the block for people to talk and pointing a different way to get around . so that he ended up getting of tablet Enabled PC then you can get . Use twenty oh beam huge processions or anything just for writing notes out on the screen . and projecting on the board for a couple hundred dollars . and we know stress free software called Windows Journal it comes with the tablet . and when x has a pre . I'm . software as well which is you basically no pride can write on a different colors . so . it's sorta do we seem to Due mum Apply board but there's actually a few really keen on . things . first you can create PDF . I mean and I started doing this for any Renault I wanted to write down . I got a great response because there are some people . if you're working on Example bin or copied down they want sit and watch you work through it want to talk about it . and really procession of information . but they want to be a lab a record of the top towards the go back to look at it . so any of the notes I mean I created PDF and uploaded . so students who needed to write stuff down good student wanted to sit and listen . good m n can get that resource afterwards . I'm . this way is . it may seem like a minor point but it's a big one . when you using a tablet you can put on accordion and you can sit and face class while you're talking use a cotton plot or to sit there to reading stuff while talking and you know someone's doing something really about coaster . many you turn your back use her and . it . and while this is a minor one but I hate on . I hated coming after teaching I teach to cost in a row an undiscovered and talk to them . I'm often enough for a day . and so it's great to be over get away from chalk . and ten . I'm . Notice is sort of . given Example this is the Windows software that might use a new you just get different little white sheets you can actually import tax hike in it . throwing figures for new seasons force all the Example palm . it was great because I can put all the palm descriptions up on the web . so already seen a ton of time . you don't need to write help . oh Problem description . I don't need to spend . ten minutes drawing a nice diagram you out . we can move on you can read it and discuss . and you we get . the ability to . no bright little things . write your notes on it . I sing is is seeking you can go through the pages to me to go back and talk about something it's not a race you can go school Box from things . I'm . it gives you a lot more flexibility in in presenting new material . until I really enjoyed it I got a lot of good response from students can use colors never think of those visual learners . you can make sure you have those mice diagrams my ability to draw national forty really or will come I'm in Engineering so Diagram charm forty . and if you do sloppy diagrams on the board you can really tell Students offer to install the diagrams in their report . . . this was the first technology . I wanted to incorporate into my car . now it works hand in hand with the max Technologies full of talk about that . I'm not is . I'm . computer capture software . I learned about this from . and Joe in the the scene . and it's actually something is available torsion Carleton . you can download a program . are you don't log in information from the EC . the program you download on Shear computer . and it will capture everything that happens on your computer Screen and capture sound as well can see them together . if you want you can cook up a video camera . I'm record yourself as well . with two screens in there . I like that you don't have to be that I've been in on the tip on other universities where they record you . with you moving around and I'm really bad only C I a standstill so outside the euro started dance around on . well so like it because it didn't you . the entire lecture . it was a Screen capture in my voice . so there was something additional became to lecture you got see ME gutsy bit of the demonstration . so . you can capture everything on the screen thinking with sound . on every chord in on your laptop computer . afterwords . when you're connected Internet upload it to a server . Carleton server so be it on our Carleton computer . and they'll you know she basically a web link . an obscure web link so here's an example Open comedy show you . what the the videos look like after their capture . but . some obscure link . you can and put that on your C you learn aware t t . and how Recordings of your lectures . I'm . or you can have additional material offline so . I mean in Engineering class there's a lot Columns holding . so I A B to clean . Example Problem site possibly of shorting classes before I start building a Video Library of the solution . so Flight don't cover that Example I can say will use a question you should be able this all that . if you're I'm able to build is a video Solution hope you work through it . I find that's better than a written Solution written solution . some will go down to vary the just come browse over at me like all candor sandal but must be good . the new solution . go slowly soaking through . so Compliments and use of the late Billy record lectures Ability to automate offline help . I don't think the sound is working on here but all just . open up a link and I'll show you . and it . two wickets going to work . . . all . the only cute ghosts . on my Carleton University batter Tama Carleton uber chic computer . and . essentially the students . can get a . a A B a recording of you . working out . Solution now . ok I have no sound on here so goes quite slowly . I'm . what are essentially I . your star rating L two Solution talking through the cycle explaining aspects of our pre Difficult basically the same thing you would do in Example Palmer lecture For Kiri or not I'm constraint . you can maybe go bit more slowly . really highlight bits and pieces . and . if Student are interested in and taking gold for the soon to build needed just . they don't need to see . ten . . the Screen capture . the Murray said . the website . else the reason it warned from a showman but you can all get it downloaded can use use it . I recommend trying its really great home students love it . even if you just record lectures and put them up at the end of the year some people start feel like by recorder lecture no one can come . Mike's parents economic people came to to make it exciting . but they loved one or studying for exams are really struggling with something like and go back to a lecture . Goldberg again to refresh their memory . I'm . piece of technology and this is where we were going actually use our of our cell phones . it's actually a software called supports a website called PollEverywhere . our dog calm . and I learned about this from the DC from from Patrick . and it's most people are familiar with him cos voting . but we think last forty new diesel collectors . you can there's there are some available here . I Carleton . the sign them out . call me is that students lose them or they forget to bring them . and . so that I feel my spirits Use emo stickers can work so well . this system is exactly the same thing except utilizes Students cell phones and no student is going to get there so I see students actually go back home in skipper cost because are like a doughnut myself or my mind this of a message for something important . he can be sure the tallest in children or cellphone . and . Tension leases on going or are in class polling software . that non there's one six For number and or short Q on the next page and you basically we text in a numerical response . and . this is really powerful because in a large class allows you to post questions and get out and sample the car . see how well they understand things you just talked about . home helps me . the survey the cost of the concepts A understood somebody didn't . and actually helps me . Taylor future lectures or maybe props Example five ten examplesA trawl on . they really struggled with one Concept all focus on the content in the top like you in class . so that's really great provides a Instant feedback and it's also a really great feedback to students . I don't want to see . Psalms negative to say but it's a quarter of a type of park shame in response he . if you'll poll and seventy five percent of the costs gets it . and twenty five percent doesn't . twenty five percent of the costs will feel that they're behind . they will feel ok props I need to study a little bit . calm else probably mean that . perhaps the professor's make it too hard . or you that don't About relative of feedback about how they're doing with respect to address the cost not tend to motivate students . where did it . ok so I'm sure mom and spend a bit of time on PollEverywhere Simon and you . an example of it . About because I mean talking for didn't and Use peoples . I'm . attention . one person to Due initially a video . I'm an unannounced go poll question about it and it's just a few I'm an aerospace engineer so it actually is a video of Wing Flex and Turbulence . I'm just a simple poll question about it and it reflects something that I might actually do in cost to make some sort of point . contained . so there's no sound to worry and it does not a disaster has not been any fireballs are . the Body diner anything . calm . but this is of the two Engine triple seven aircraft . and on the wing is just bounce Now endowment Turbulence and this is just a control surface . trying to balance the aircraft it's moving . we opt into the careful . trying to screw things up as much as possible . and deal with y cos I talk about . reflections and stresses and structure so this is . do I like to show listed Sir to motivate such a case where don't like change them out are are important so what were calculating is not useless . because it's also do with aircraft I realize a lot of people of years with y am I to do research on the aircraft failures and structural integrity . and I point What talk about it . people can not able to separate their fear from reality . and so . . should go . What is I just . just as an example just to show you how the software works just The . multiple choice question about that video you will not What does not make you feel about C D whether . you just a bit Wing Flex Deo worry about it you know what safe but it makes you uneasy that happens lot of people . it's all we need to deal Use Texaco would this is a phone number you would use Q a dial that is useful number and if I do this to cost a lot actually get from the program and are full . for so t easy to get it from the contact list . and you just to make the six digit code for the particular answer you . I see another software . some people try and do that is I can have it in this display Due were doesn't show the result was a little . total result in the bottom . Anna tells me how many people voted . so I can put it up . contestants a chance weight going up results come in so that you're not really allow each other to influence . their results . but they cannot they can vote on the day for not x now is not too many people in here . so I realize I might not get a whole lot of responses so I have some topple polls . from my class just to give the example . on of what's going on . but it's quite in my system it's just is quite quick . comprehending the response . talk to people voted . hopefully going to release for tricking me into secondary know . I'm . so maybe some result in common with markets not to be good deal . . so . Theo is great sometimes technology doesn't work . I'm . . . there were don't three results . so . . you your soul so little bit slow so it's not below in the U wealth . . . there are don't . the results and . over the board warn each people no one Slide Gan people know it's A . we all I did some courses on aircraft safety . our and your dx I do a lot he sings to really Gauge duck sometimes what people know when what they feel are different than eqn conflict . so basically to respond o not . maybe this week that one person was afraid if like me even more afraid . I have a picture of us Static test . of one of the new aircraft is a boy seventy seven . and eighty for certification may have to load up the wing two hundred and fifty percent of annual the width . the once in a lifetime loading can ever . sorta like a super storm were stopped . maybe we'll see it statistically wants it's like my . how scary fifty percent more . about load . there's an eight meter reflection of the week . allowed small little mama destruction the scene Turbulence is absolutely nothing . the wing is a very flexible structure but b ten disorder feel that . something's flexible it seemed some say . just . this mentality we have in the morning . so I can use stuff like that to illustrate a point really get people thinking about it in a different way . show you some sample polls . the tide on . I'm . just loading up beam . this one's got the results from it . still in it . why teach a course on one structures . so we learned about the relative stiffness in beam . so I pose the question of appeal which of these for cross-section . you think would have . calm . we can at will . Now . last lecture the internet . unfortunately . . . fortune on our or judge about . yes to be aware of that as well often times when doing this in in costume to make sure I have a landline connection . the old basically I would of given Theory talking about how we calculate stiffness making of a multiple choice test like this . where the o I purposely set out the answers so I was stationed in Bending stiffness where D was the answer . and we also talked earlier in the year about Torsional stiffness for P would of been the answer and based upon non I can sorta see yall are people sort of making the wrong connection between Bending important in you get that sort of feedback . I'll we can cost . I'm . . and coming through . try coming back to the media Can shortest it's just a bit of a shame . . and ten . t . unfortunately no I didn't on this one was also good example . four I had a midterm exam . and the results were quite or . my thought was how I communicate to the students . some of the reason I'm new some the reasoning y them result report is that no one was working on the problems in their own kind . and the attendant P A sessions was like before . so actually put up a pole and actually a house for on this response is how many people are . are you what they are StudyHow butts are you . are you not working on problem sets in not attending P A sessions or not working on problem sets What attending P A sessions and all before combination . and eighty percent of the students were not uncommon sense at all . and it reflux didn't own this course so I could make the correlation with what they were saying their study habits were trying given that feedback that . the grade is not because . the the down was hard . because the people were doing . there are assignments doing their work they did well . my can make that Direct correlate . on because just like we tend to try and blame the students . in as a prom in large class of students like to blame the professor for the great . it was our responsibility to impart knowledge . I'm . so that was the mice mice piece of feedback . . I wanted to take the street pieces of technology and see how can I reorganized my court . so when my Old Approach which talk about briefly . throughout . basically the center from the block for the boring right equations on the board give examples on the board basically bombard that student with Syrian examples . I'm N A basically expect them to go home . work on problem sets on their own get their own feedback from the or how they're doing on problem sets . then she write a midterm an exam to get great feedback almost annually response I would known throughout the term . What however doing what's . whenever those assignment grades came in . for the Exam grades came in terms of very limited it can be out there lectures about . so I wanted to incorporate those free centre technologies to change that I wanted the feedback coming to the classroom . I'm I wanted to from make their Beam multiple pathways multiple ways for people to get that information for them to learn . I'm . so I reorganize my course in this course is a technical course and so some aspects of our specific technical courses but . I think in general . you can apply similar . thinking on to tell other Types of course . so I started identified and cocaine and technical course we have Theory we have to teach and then we have to told them how about Flight called and told have to show examples . I'm . but I wanted to split the top some home . I was had this . talkback . the best time did use I Example problems of the theory is not immediately after you've given the theory is you get zero time to adjust the material . basically shown kissing equation . and before they digested Q several examples of how to use it to what they remember is examples of how to use it . and nothing to do with a few the new commercial no question that slightly different . the dough and am close to Theory enough and tried to understand it . well enough . Seoul . I wanted to split goes on . I'm . to make it warned ageing . I thought . well this whole reduce the moment I might have in a lecture so it's got some negative aspects to it . but let's just throw some . calm . some case studies . more or basically just . one being to lecture . sure likes or not video of the little poll about safety . do I didn't talk about any theory there should really take Illustrate . calm . applications are or get them interested in about what you're going to say because especially in some of the basic fundamental course in Engineering . the theory is very dry . it's quite boring . I'm . and until a she . okay that's useful down the road somehow . on their not going on planes into Tension so trying to get their attention in the first . he'll ten fifteen minutes I . I heard once from from someone who does presentation . if you don't catch someone's attention in the first ten minutes of your lecture . Due blossom they're gone for the entire Cross . so what started off do something fun . so . basically tell what they should care about this boring stuff like you can tell and some boring but b see it that way . so then they care about it and then . calm . I made a decision I did this aspect . I was doing PowerPoint love . case studies . make sense Video multimedia . not too bad . but I wanted to get around the Fox died . if I'm going to be making these changes my lecture . I need some more flexibility . I mean is going to be an issue . so I thought well I'll do Condensed Theory Hall where my some ice PowerPoint slides . all trying to try go through them slowly . but instead of frantically having a might don't all go through it to have my size grounds tell how the Notes printed L has a good reference . I don't want the entire B to B PowerPoint . the entire course because ten Students will just be on to Donald Slide to show quickly coming . so that's why we do Solution of Example problems using the public so I'd make that mix of PowerPoint and writing things out . I'm sure I do Condensed Theory lecture present the most concepts . that's where I would do my in class polling . and this was meant to sort of . give me some feedback of what they understood . so that's the one form of feedback . the Student with any yellow look at the poll result insert say well relative to the rest of class . the old maybe I'm in them . autumn quarter . I really didn't understand it and everyone else seemed to . so maybe I need to look at the school bit more maybe I need to read some more of the textbook home spent some time studying Reynolds . I'm . the design really does actually motivate students Students don't want to tell of their BBQ tools student who just want to get through a new cap . you really seemed Teaching you can ever think that their students like that . there will location will be the one grind it all you can do is try your best to motivate everyone and this really does motivate students Students don't want to feel like you're in the bomb . bomb of a pot us white are so interesting great sense of feedback without great . I'm . based on this in class polling . I would see what concepts and or stood what they didn't . and I went wrong . I basically decided because I'm having all the stuff . the lecture I will be above the present old examples but I did previously . so I took almost examples created a library . so identified which was passed which parts of the hearing . and based upon the result in class polling on the cake out one or two examples . really identified with what this Cross was struggling with . my defined it to them . I would work it out immediately in class . maybe one or two . if it's a really difficult Concept sometimes are ones that you can just give them the Syrian some to try . right so I signed it and tell him he you'll really try and salt and look at it on your own seed you can apply the theory yourself to solve the problem . I'm M I would Divide electoral install the problem the next box . what this did at the very least not everyone would do problem . but most people would look at it think about it . think about how of this theory applied to it . before you show ID . in separate got because like I really hated how students would just you . in a lot of my exams we would into the open O sweet allow them to bring in one sheet of paper enough by eleven . with whenever they wanted written on . an unbearably instead of writing all my seperation . they would write as small as they could every single Example calmly could think of . because that's how they were learning . you Due would talk about a bunch of theory they would just write it down when I'm in a would focus on the Example so . this allowed them to apply the theory think about it . and then you when you grow older the Example EC how much they understood they need the lights and capability of applying it . I'm not provided a lot of feedback . calm to students . Now . because all of this I ate there had to be some sort of flexibility a new you get a lot more feedback from students . when you doing this a lot of people tried to toes are going over the question to get a lot more questions from the cops . throwing in the Case Study takes up more time six more more . my lectures got content . so I had to find someway to pull something out . so what I did is I said Locate . I'm not initially examples . in costs . I make that whole library of questions available to them . and the speedo and you should be a loose always . and then over time it takes couple years you can sit down and write them all our . but we created you solution to all of these . as I get myself I couldn't cover Example class . I would say . he only knew the should be only do the problems began problems with them . here's a video solution or you just want to look at the video solution is he of go . I've pushed some about teaching on the other the cost . I would also video recorder all the lectures and how that as a library . I'm . I begin to can get to the students that . if attendance dropped tremendously . I would stop posting the video lectures because I wanted it to be a useful educational tool I didn't wanted to be an excuse for not come to class . I never had problems of course is a large costs about a hundred and fifty students on average my attendance was about a hundred which for the stress cos is pretty good . I was I was quite happy with that . but you have people more of Miss boss due to sickness . he of all kinds of things . and . the new recording all the lectures actually see me a lot of trouble seed meal these people sent Hellenistic I could attend this lecture y somehow your notes and always bombarding emails of . How can we fix this cuz I missed this arrived can understand this . I gave him the resources . one don't themselves . so took a bit of an investment at the beginning but really streamlined the court . I was and take all the PowerPoint . I'm . even the polling results . and all the written on solutions and create PDF y variable . so for the people earning they had the reading material b of the auditory material with videos as well may also add on . don't know two things that they ruin costs . as well as that . so the whole other resources to try and push their own self Learning based upon use large amount of feedback they were getting in cost . so pushes a lot of learning two props outside the box were use to doing it mostly can cost . brought a lot of feedback . you . I'm of course examined grades . still of a reality we saw women . I'm Body wasn't really focusing on . I wasn't relying on not as the main source of feedback that was just . how we assess them in the end . a revamp of course I get it over the course last year . not everything is incorporated I don't have the full library of video Solutions Body takes couple years implement everything . What in terms of how well it worked . on Wall eight he was a lot of work and for obviously . I'm . what I can old this time around . I've learned some of those lessons because really smoothly of actually incorporated some of this and much smaller classes . recording lectures home . the video to be healed . I'm even afraid if I get two or three student asking same question . now I'll pull up video capture software tablet . I'm on to do a little explanation of it thrown up once you learn . because of three students ask you the same question . you know old more students have a question . so save yourself from everyone coming to your office asking . I'm . I had some the highest attendance ever for this costs the costs I have with is traditionally one of the . we can call this in Engineering anymore but use to be course that we use to me helps didn't so it was intentionally difficult . there was a foundational course of the courses later on to one problem that has won the highest failure rate in Engineering . and it's a difficult course . and sold in keeping attendance was or is a difficult thing but like I said I was averaging about a hundred student of above hundred and fifty . which is pretty good for science class . the you'll on some wonderful feedback from this was one of my actually put this next to my desk . Tom who is Student ace this and I deserve res so you get feedback like that . it's quite nice to hear . they loved all the different tools to impart course material . um I was students . basic a comment that they felt that instead of seeing Teaching as do something had to do they felt that I was really interested in them Learning . I'm not alone changes how they approach the court . it really is a psychological thing . and Recordings D exams so many people said thank you so much for those Recordings deal . I was starting to the salmon one concept . just . I couldn't get it . it is freaking me out I just shot down . what the doctor again and suddenly all made sense . Anasta was on my structure . please everyone might to comment center circle predict religious really Illustrate that . here I'd some students to get my PowerPoint the right one . everything written . you can sense and that was the type of learning . they need to write everything now . but the mind of some people said he'll writing things down . ghosts too slow . he'll do everything in PowerPoint minion give us more examples and do more things . I'm . so we knew how to balance those a little break in on demand . dad I'm easing feedback all a prime . I'm . I'll Slide ice cold a few lost souls . I'm . and this was related more to people one mean more great . I'm . and this is just as they're not use to this . calm sort of formative feedback healed poll lenient and and working on something and then seeing it worked out in class feedback that doesn't involve a grade a lot of students are use to it . so it takes a little time for them to get comparable with that . and so I had a lot of you know there was water problem sets and Students are saying . no one can do is promise that I must use on a great . if you just saying we have to do it for all morning no one can do it . well . I don't think didn't realize how much effort it is to greater hundred and fifty students . I can mark time and really crime and fifty students before five Questions . yesterday to bid of about one but hopefully over time . students can get use to some of these other forms of feedback and they would rely a lot great . going . I'm . and what I wanted to talk about when a little bit older . I apologize . tend to do that looms Load technical difficulties as well . I'm . but if you how many questions about those specific technologies are Mike's parents is imploring