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SIRS Renaissance
  1. Introduction
  2. Overview
  3. Elements and Educators' Resources
  4. Search and Results
  5. Browse Topics
  6. Database Features
  7. My List and Session Save
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What is SIRS? skslogo (Social Issues Resources Series)---A line of focused, specially constructed online research databases. Materials selected from over 2000 sources Newspapers, Magazines, Journals, Government Publications, International Publications All articles are hand selected Manual indexing and summary writing Focus is key issues and topics Primary audience is K-12 but can have broad application in public libraries as well as colleges How are SIRS Materials Selected? skslogo SIRS database content is selected by a staff of 30 professionals with diverse educational backgrounds---many with advanced degrees in Economics, English, Religion, History, Political Science, Sociology, Business, Education, Journalism, and Library Science. research Selection Criteria: Well-documented information The latest information on ever-changing fields Issues of both local and global importance A wide variety of viewpoints Graphics that help clarify information Materials that are clear, comprehensive, reliable, and relevant Non-duplicative materials SIRS Databases: SIRS® Renaissance skslogo “Current Perspectives on the Arts and Humanities” Artwork, Architecture, and Photography Biographical Resources Authors and Reviews Literary Profiles Awards Recipients Major Arts Terminology Online Books SIRS Search Environment: SIRS Knowledge Source® skslogo Simultaneously searches all or selected databases Offers “special focus” content areas E-mails or prints bibliographies and full-text articles (My List) Re-runs earlier searches (Search History) Archives research results up to 30-days (Session Save) Provides instruction on research and citing An Integrated Search Environment for all Secondary SIRS Databases Other SIRS Knowledge Source® Helps skslogo Sort results by relevance, date, or Lexile Score View results by media type Read complete hand written article summaries Cross reference Search content by state or national curriculum standards, including Common Core Educators’ Resources including citation and search guides, and search strategies On to the Live Database for More!