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SafeArchive and TRAC
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    Welcome to a tutorial on the SafeArchive
    system and TRAC.
    The SafeArchive system provides a framework
    for demonstrating TRAC compliance in two
    First, if used properly, the SafeArchive system
    audit trail can directly support and provide
    evidence for compliance of certain TRAC criteria,
    and second the system supports the inclusion
    of relevant documentation in the SafeArchive
    So this table shows specific TRAC criteria that
    the SafeArchive system can help satisfy.
    For example, the SafeArchive system can
    provide evidence of independent audit
    including integrity checks and documentation of
    replication actions. It can also provide evidence
    of system infrastructure
    for example in relation to access restrictions or
    back-up storage
    as well as providing evidence of disaster
    planning and recovery through replication.
    A user would provide relevant evidence and
    documentation either through here
    or under the Audit Schema Manager tab and
    Edit TRAC Audit Checklist.
    So here you can see a filled in audit checklist. And you can easily jump around between the
    sections when filling out the checklist or if you
    want to make any edits.
    After filling in all your documentation you would
    want to go and save your updated checklist
    by hitting the Save the TRAC Audit Checklist
    You can also create TRAC reports under the
    Audit Reporting tab and Generate TRAC Audit
    Now I want to mention here that while the TRAC
    criteria directly supported by the system is
    the external documentation you put into the
    TRAC checklist is not directly auditable.
    Essentially the SafeArchive system cannot tell
    you whether your external evidence actually
    satisfies the TRAC criteria,
    but it can tell you whether you have inputted
    evidence for all the items in the checklist.
    So I'm going to run a new report. So when you
    run a report
    you can see that the system indicates whether
    sections are complete helping users to see
    gaps in their TRAC documentation.
    So this tutorial showed the various ways that the
    SafeArchive system supports TRAC.
    And how a user can input TRAC documentation
    and generate reports
    as a method to help promote trustworthiness of
    the system and amongst participating
    Thanks for watching!