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SafeArchive Audit Policies Tutorial
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    Welcome to a tutorial on how to create or
    modify audit preservation policies in the
    SafeArchive Audit System (SAAS).
    You can access the area to create a new policy
    from here.
    Or you can go access your audit schema
    instance through the Audit Schema Manager
    under Audit Schema Instance List.
    So from this page you can view or edit your
    current schema instance or download it in XML.
    You can also access your previous schema
    instances at the bottom of the page.
    Or you can create a new audit schema instance
    by clicking this button.
    When creating a new instance the system
    guides you through the process with questions.
    First you have to give the name of the PLN you
    want audited and provide an email address for
    the PLN administrator.
    In this box you select discovered hosts by
    checking these boxes, and you set the space
    committed in these boxes.
    You can also add more hosts or edit host
    attributes by clicking on Edit the Host List,
    and then once the new host is added it will
    appear as a discovered host that you can
    include in the instance.
    Then you will go on and set policies for the
    Archival Units (AUs). So here you can also
    check the boxes to include AUs in the audit.
    These 4 columns are pre-populated with default
    policy values that can be changed by an
    administrator under the Edit Audit Settings tab.
    Geographic Redundancy is pre-filled with a
    default value of 2. You can also easily modify
    policy values for an AU by typing in a new value.
    Question 8 is where you set your audit cycle,
    and this question has a default of Weekly:
    You can also set a recipient for these reports,
    and you can set more than one recipient email
    by separating addresses with a comma.
    Once you finish creating or editing your schema
    instance you hit Save this Audit Schema
    So this tutorial showed how you can easily use
    the SafeArchive system to quickly create and
    edit your systems audit policies.
    Thanks for watching!