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Virtual Archiving Demonstration Project
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    Welcome to the Odum Institute’s video on the
    Virtual Archiving Demonstration Project.
    Polling research data is a valuable resource; however, many challenges surround the
    archiving and preservation of this data after it is
    The Virtual Archiving Project, funded by the
    Institute for Museum and Library Services, helps
    streamline the data curation process
    by providing a technical solution to help
    research centers integrate archiving into the
    data lifecycle.
    Under this project virtual archives within the
    Odum Dataverse Network have been created for
    the University of South Carolina Institute for
    Public Service and Policy Research, Monmouth
    University Polling Institute,
    the Survey Research Center at the University of
    Georgia, the Arkansas Poll at the University of
    and the Center for Survey Research at Indiana
    So here you see these institution’s dataverses
    within the Odum Dataverse Network.
    I’ll go into the Survey Research Center at
    University of Georgia to show how UGA’s polling
    data producers can easily archive new studies.
    So once within UGA’s Virtual Archive, a
    producer can log-in, click on Options in the
    upper right hand corner,
    and from this screen they can administer their
    dataverse from managing collections to setting
    access restrictions.
    So for instance, once a new polling study is
    completed and needs to be archived,
    a producer can simply create a new study, then
    agree to the Terms of Use.
    They can then fill-in the needed cataloging
    information into the Georgia Poll template.
    Once this is completed the producer can easily
    go back into the draft study and add files, edit
    information or even destroy a study if necessary.
    I also want to point out that if I click the logo at
    the top of the page I will be taken directly to
    UGA’s Office of Research Services' website.
    Now that these dataverses are in place and the
    data ingest process is simple and streamlined,
    these institutions can easily archive
    and make available their research polling data to
    the social science community through the
    Dataverse Network virtual catalog.
    The Odum Institute Data Archive staff also
    provides virtual archiving technical support to
    these institutions
    to help ensure their data is discoverable and
    archived in a timely manner.
    Additionally, these dataverses provide a portal to
    the home institution helping connect users to
    these institutions
    and giving these dataverses continuity with the
    home institution’s website.
    If you would like to create a dataverse for your
    Polling Institution
    please contact Jonathan Crabtree at the Odum
    Institute at
    Thanks for watching!