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National Network of State Polls Overview
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    One of the Odum Archive’s holdings housed in
    the Dataverse Network is the archive of the
    National Network of State Polls or NNSP.
    The NNSP archive of state polls is the largest
    available collection of state-level survey data.
    The archive contains nearly 70,000 items from
    more than 740 studies contributed by 44 survey
    organizations in 25 states.
    Currently, some of the surveying organizations
    have their own dataverses in the Odum
    Dataverse Network.
    These dataverses allow organizations to archive
    their own survey data promoting virtual access
    and use.
    One of the surveying institutions with their own
    dataverse is the Indiana University’s Center for
    Survey Research.
    From here any user can find state-level data
    collected from Indiana polls.
    So any user can easily search this dataverse,
    for instance I'll search for religion and hit go
    to find studies polling Indiana residents about
    topics concerning religion.
    You can also jump into a survey. For instance I’ll
    go into the Indiana Poll from 2001.
    From here I can look over the cataloging
    information or I can enter the Documentation,
    Data, and Analysis tab.
    And from here I can download the survey data or
    I can access the subset and analysis to run
    analysis on the data file.
    I can also easily go into Indiana University’s
    website from this page and then browse around
    the University's resources and information.
    So these NNSP virtual archives allow users to
    search within specific state polls.
    And thus provide easy access to the surveying
    organization’s recent and historic polls.
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