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Managing Permissions
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    Welcome to the Odum Institute’s Dataverse
    Network tutorial video on managing permissions.
    To manage permissions first you will need to log
    in and enter your dataverse, for this example I
    will use the Odum Archive Dataverse.
    On your dataverse home page click on the
    options gear in the upper right hand corner then
    click on the permissions tab.
    From this screen, you can manage your
    dataverse level permissions.
    Here you can choose the access level
    contributors have to your dataverse.
    So here, you see the different contribution
    from where only contributors can create and edit
    their own studies to a Wiki dataverse where any
    registered user can create and edit studies.
    From this screen, you can also set user
    To do this you simply input a current user’s
    name and choose the permission level from the
    drop-down box and then hit the add button.
    By adding a group name here, you can give
    groups access to your dataverse.
    However, in order to create groups, you do need
    to be a network administrator.
    So if you want to restrict all files within your
    dataverse you would choose yes from the drop-
    down box
    and then you would hit save at the bottom of the
    page after you have updated your dataverse and
    user permission settings.
    However, you can also set permissions at the
    study or file level.
    To do this you will want to click on the studies
    tab and then enter a study.
    Then click on permissions in the upper right
    hand corner.
    Once inside a study, you can manage
    permissions at the study or file level.
    At the top of the page you can manage the
    study level permissions.
    So if you want to restrict the whole study
    including the cataloging information and the files
    choose restricted.
    Or you can make the study public and only
    restrict certain files which I will go through in a
    You can also give users or groups access to a
    whole study by inputting their names here.
    Or you can pick out certain files that you wish to
    give users or groups access to by inputting their
    names here.
    You can also check this box if you would like
    someone to send you an email to request
    access to restricted files.
    To restrict individual files you check the
    appropriate files,
    choose the file permission from the drop-down
    box, and hit update.
    So here, you see the permission setting has
    changed to restricted.
    After making these changes make sure to hit
    the save button.
    So this tutorial showed how you manage
    permissions within your dataverse
    including how to set permissions at the
    dataverse, study, or file level.
    Thanks for watching!