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Min-U-Script 4.0 Introduction
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    musbanner800 mus_scanPrologo.png mus_tricon.png mus_pro.png Outstanding New Features V.4.0 The Best in Transcript & Exhibit Production Delivery Management… musbanner800 The Best For Legal Professionals Quality Features Your Brand Recognition musbanner800 Introducing Min-U-Script® Min-U-Script Pro Features New Features V.4.0 Why Lawyers Love It! musbanner800 Introducing Min-U-Script Celebrating 22nd Anniversary 2004 Totally Re-Designed Today Over 1,200 Licenses In Use We’ve Grown… We Understand musbanner800 musbanner800 mus_scanPrologo.png mus_tricon.png mus_pro.png And, a whole lot more in V.4.0 mus_proicon1.png 2004 1st PDF Transcript Production & Delivery System Best Quality Print & PC View Easy to Use Time Saving Custom Branding Marketable Features mus_proicon1.png PDF The New Standard Most Common Document Format No Special Viewers Reader/Acrobat Ease of Use & Adobe Features Meets Federal & State Filing Spec. Millions of PDF Transcripts In Use mus_proicon1.png Lit. Support Format Support Lexis TextMap Format / Mkg. Plan Summation & SBF Format ASCII/Amicus/RTF Formats Casewide Transcript/Exhibit Pkg. The Best Has Just Gotten Even Better!!! With Min-U-Script V. 4 musbanner800 mus_proicon1.png Min-U-Script Pro Features What’s New In V.4.0 Automatic-InstaLink of Exhibits Auto Link Exhibits in PDF/TextMap/SBF Min-U-Script Mail for Email of Large Files Lexis’s TextMap Integration & Marketing Casewide Package of Transcripts/ Exhibits mus_proicon1.png Min-U-Script Pro Features What’s New In V.4.0 Witness Picture on Cover Page WordPerfect & Word Conversion Utility Auto Upload Batch of Files to Repository Expanded User Preferences + Back-up/ Export/Import All Defaults & Data Files mus_proicon1.png What’s Not New… Pricing mus_proicon1.png Try Before You Buy You Buy It… You Own It! No Monthly Fees or Click Charges $ 395 single; $ 595 2 pak; $ 250 add’l $ 300/PC 3 User Network License Includes 6 mo. Support + Updates Annual Maintenance $95 or $60/pc mus_proicon1.png 888-877-1187