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Daylighting 01-Advances in Simulation_August 7.mp4
Chair: Elizabeth Gillmor


The Artificial Neural Networks Potential to Modeling Daylighting Harvesting for Buildings Located in Different Climates
Konstantinos Papamichael, University of California, Davis, USA

Using SPOT Pro to Maximize Energy Savings from Photosensor Control Systems
Zack Rogers, Daylighting Innovations, LLC, USA

Using HDR Sky Luminance Maps to Improve Accuracy of Virtual Work Plane Illuminance Sensors
Christian Humann, Terrestrial Light, USA

A Framework to Support the Development of Manually Adjustable Light Shelves
Shamim Javed, Virginia Tech, USA

An Embedded System for Quasi Real-time Lighting Computation based on Sky Monitoring
Yujie Wu, EPFL, Switzerland

Evaluating Daylight Glare and Identifying Its Dominant Cause in ComputerBased Office Task Environment
Jae Yong Suk, University of Texas at San Antonio, USA
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