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Chair: Neal Kruis


Estimating the Untapped Cooling Power of Green Walls as Evaporative Coolers
Arta Yazdanseta, Harvard Graduate School of Design, USA

Investigating the Impact of Earth Tubes in an Earthship
Veronica Soebarto, University of Adelaide, Australia

Investigating the Use of Earth Tubes for Passive Cooling and Heating Through Thermal Modelling
Michael David Morley, University of Adelaide, Australia

Numerical Investigation of the Hygrothermal Behaviour of a Hemp Concrete Room: Effect of Hysteresis of the Sorption Isotherm and its Temperature Dependency
Georges Costantine, University of Reims Champagne-Ardenne, France

Integration Investigation of Phase Change Material Wall and Night Ventilation in Different Cities in Western China
Liqiang Hou, Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology, China

Effect of Environment on the Selection of Phase Change Materials (PCM) for Building Wallboards Using Multi-criteria Decision Methods (MCDM) and Building Energy Simulations (BES): Case of Ecuador
Andrea Lobato-Cordero, INER, Ecuador

The Role of Fabric Performance in the Overheating of Dwellings
Konstantinos Mourkos, Loughborough University, UK
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