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Codes 02-Modeling for Compliance_August 7.mp4
Chair: Supriya Goel


Not recorded at presenters' request - 
Energy Modeling for Code Compliance: City of Boulder & Frasier Case Study
Rebecca Reel, Noresco, USA; Matt Leach Noresco, USA

Development of an Information Delivery Manual for Early Stage BIM-based Energy Performance Assessment and Code Compliance as a Part of DGNB PreCertification
Ekaterina Petrova, Aalborg University, Denmark

Developing an OpenStudio Script for Simpler Compliance Validation for the Energy Conservation Code for Buildings in Mexico
Mauro Pavel Contreras Luzanilla, Kolben Ecotecnologías, Mexico

Estimating Energy Savings for Code Stretch Program
Graham Linn, Sustainable Engineering Group, Madison, WI USA
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