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CMNET 250 - Topic 11
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    In this topic we're going to focus on creating a <BR>public key infrastructure the more difficult part of working with the public <BR>infrastructure is actually setting things up. often we <BR>would inherit something and modify for sake of argument this week we're going to <BR>assume we start from scratch in chapter two of you have lots of information <BR>regarding this but think about creating the <BR>certificates to make sure the various resources are valid or websites were not <BR>using commerce certificates inappropriately certificates to make sure that everything is <BR>properly and cook if we were selling software we might need a <BR>certificate to make sure that the software is <BR>properly signed and available for someone to review when installing. I'd made certificates when <BR>we're dealing with e-mail there's all sorts of <BR>reasons why we would need this and that's what I want to focus on the reading of <BR>chapter two in your book think of this week as more of a thought exercise I <BR>want to think about for a small to medium business <BR>where there is what made certificates how you would go about creating them the <BR>types of certificates that would be used how <BR>frequently you would from winning them and so focused its relatively easy to create certificates <BR>and that do provide a separate example of a lap <BR>and the 160 class where we created some certificates suffer this Lebow wants to focus on <BR>the prospect of how do we go about creating <BR>the since we are not formally meeting this week this is a good opportunity to just applied some <BR>of the knowledge that you already have if you if you have questions about any of this person in <BR>the discussion forum or send me an e-mail