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CMNET 250 - Topic 12
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    The fact are going to spend some time working <BR>with webserver is this is where approximately 80% of the attacks come from these days on the <BR>World Wide Web and most corporate environments and not that <BR>overly secure particularly when it comes to web <BR>applications would ease the use of the Microsoft baseline <BR>security analyzer we use the command line version <BR>which is helpful for incorporating into scripts and we're going to make sure we have the web server <BR>environment for windows running as well as what <BR>they have an FTP to the first thing we want to do is run that <BR>Microsoft baseline security analyzer I believe 22 is the current version of this after we're finished running the baseline <BR>security analyzer we then want to install high as <BR>portions of once we have that installed week and then in <BR>store web day of which is what distributed <BR>authoring and versioning and FTP FTP is the old approach web Dev is a <BR>newer approach won't we had these instead <BR>and configured and you'll see in the screen here we have a <BR>whole section for FTP and that highlighted what <BR>day of dumbbell or to have these instead than we can do the second part of the lab which is to <BR>run and the USA again and see if that meant <BR>differences between the scales and lacking with NDS a remember that you can <BR>scan the computer and you can also view existing security scanner ports to live in and do <BR>this before and after running high as and configuring what do have an FTP eight and <BR>see what differences this particular tool phonics in the lobby and * you to investigate another <BR>tool that can be used to help secure the high as environment and that's a tool called roll <BR>you while scale and if you have questions about any of these materials ask me during the lab session