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Achieving Customer Intimacy.mp4
This webinar (formerly known as “Changing Management Thinking”) takes a look at why in order to achieve good customer service (even intimacy) we need to manage and design the work differently.  We will learn 3 big mistakes that management makes in their fundamental approach to the management of work.  And why tools, best practices, projects, cost-benefit analysis, etc. actually inhibit the liberation of method and innovation. From there we will learn about some counter-intuitive ideas and a better way to make the work work.

Tripp Babbitt a self proclaimed “reformed” Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt will work on draining the swamp of existing management paradigms and give you some new things to think about to make you curious to learn more.  

Warning: This series is hard-hitting, takes no prisoners and no quarter is given.  May be illegal in minds prone to status quo and static thinking.

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