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Your contact center adds value—however not everyone in your company realizes how and how much.  Your contact center continually influences the customer in real-time and serves as a pivotal conduit for the voice of the customer.  However, you may have experienced the periodic frustration of having your “get it right the first time” change recommendations fall on deaf ears. Don’t let this happen again!  Attend this session to learn how your contact center can be recognized as a major force in continual customer experience improvement.  Learn 4 practical steps that ensure you are recognized, throughout your company, as the irreplaceable change agent you are: 

Step One: Identify your contact center stakeholders and learn how to clearly communicate what's in it for them 

Step Two: Build a roadmap for ongoing constructive engagement 

Step Three: Motivate resolution and prevention of customer issues 

Step Four: Influence innovation of customer-focused policies, processes, business models and offerings