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(There are a couple of minutes of silence at the start of this presentaion - technology/codec issues.  Please be patient.  Thank you.)

Join us with a few top industry experts who know social media and how it is changing the face of the call center and consumers want to interact and be interacted with.  

Industry panelists will review the survey results (Social Media and Impact on Call Center) and providing perspectives on:

• What does the data suggest?  What is it telling us?

• How should we be preparing for the social media revolution?

• Can our company establish a real ROI with social media and the call center?

• I manage call centers, now what?

Social media is being driven by "generational change"! 

Understanding what makes this generation tick is critical and how customers want to be communicated with. 

Millenial’s are confident, team oriented, strong achievers, optimistic, highly moral, and first generation born with internet/web and cellular telephony. The mobile phone is the primary means of communications and prefer on demand connectivity! 

Millenial’s are entering the workforce and it is the Millennial are driving change and make a significant part of the economic landscape for consumer spending.


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