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Executive Functioning: SPOT it and SUPPORT it
Elise Wulff with MGH Aspire | Track: Building Welcoming Spaces
Executive Functioning: The new buzz word! Many individuals can acknowledge and talk about goals and strategies, but then struggle to apply them in real-time. Often overlooked, Executive Functioning (EF) can be the set of skills needed to turn insight into application. This workshop will discuss the core skills in organizing yourself and the world around you to maximize engagement, collaboration, and performance. EF can be described as three core cognitive domains: Inhibitory Control, Working Memory, and Flexible Thinking. And, one level deeper, we'll break EF down into smaller, more distant categories to look for and directly learn activation, focus, effort, emotions, memory, and action. We will discuss the importance of matching a specific and appropriate EF strategy to the source of the challenge, emphasizing practical strategies for individual and group support.
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