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Embed GGB4 Worksheet in Wikispaces Wiki
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    With GeoGebra 4, it is extremely easy to embed a
    GeoGebra worksheet into your wikispaces wiki.
    So here we are at my wikispaces wiki
    If you are interested in creating a classroom wiki,
    you can make an adfree, free classroom wiki for
    K-12 from wikispaces, go here for directions.
    But right now what we want to do is show how
    to embed a worksheet – a GeoGebra worksheet
    from GeoGebra 4 into our wiki.
    The first thing you want to do is fix up your
    worksheet. So this is our worksheet. We don’t
    want to see the Algebra view.
    We want it to be fairly tiny – about that big. Right?
    That is all we need here.
    This worksheet has the radio buttons that I was
    showing. Okay. So this is what we are going to
    get. This right here.
    Now what you do is you use your keyboard.
    Ctrl+Shift+M. If you are on a mac, I imagine it is
    And it is in the clipboard now – the code. Okay.
    You go to your wikispaces wiki. Go to the page
    that you are working on.
    We are going to open a new page. We will call it
    Embed GGB4. Create it. It opens in edit mode. You
    need to be in edit mode.
    This is information before – above the worksheet.
    Hit enter.
    Go to the Widget button. Click on Widget button.
    You need “Other html”. Down here. “Other html”.
    Click on that.
    You get this box. Click in there. Now paste your
    clipboard. So right-click, paste.
    You can change these parameter, but if add like –
    for example – the toolbar, you will need to come
    up to the top and give it a bigger height.
    This height is for no toolbar, no menubar, no input
    Now another thing is that you cannot have big
    images in your worksheet because the code gets
    too long.
    It will take a couple of small images, but no big
    Save. Hit enter.
    This is information below the worksheet.
    That’s it. Scroll over to the right and click on
    “Save” and interactive worksheet embedded on
    the page. Go for it!