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Digesting a Scholarly Research-Based Article - Flash (Large) - 20130125 03.28.55PM
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    . you see this scholarly research based article . he's doing your research a new found an article they you think is a research based article . how can you be sure and if you are sure how Kenyan this stage as the information from the article to be honest these kinds of articles can be difficult to read and especially fully comprehend . that's the second article and then the process perhaps give you a plan for increased not only research based article that you read person top note the date of the article . and that's up here in the upper left hand corner of the document does take in a journal article . and it is twenty twelve article says fairly recent article and that may be important your structure may want you to use recent research or he may he she may want you to use something that is more of a classic nature for the topic area you are researching . the article should have some information about the Oscars . when you can see those or a listed race here . underneath the title . therefore authors and it also gives the institutions that there affiliated with . and that's important because we can see that three of the institutions are from outside in the United States . and since this particular article is a cross coach Earl investigation . that's important because we can have some on leave . the trust that this article really is a no a bonafide research because you spend and ten with it as an international study . also down in the bottom . hand corner of the of the first page . there is some I've repeated information about the Oscars . and also in an e mail address and then asked in this given or in an or e mailing address so that if you wanted to have follow up questions . you can do that in hand can be in direct contact with whoever the author or authors four . when he spotted the first part the you want to read through is the abstract and that's usually Let's to the very beginning of the article and usually it's kind of set apart . and in fact you may already have or add to this because it may be what was available to you as the abstract in the database and that's what ten of the Kiwi and that you wanted to use this particular article . create that gets direct pulling out any of the US significant keywords . very needy you don't and can't can look this up because the stamps may help you to continue your research in this particular period . tried to determine from the abstract what the purpose of this study and hopefully it will be clearly stated that it isn't always the case . this particular article an you can see that in this section I hear actually cause some keywords out for you . and that's helpful because those may be termed but you can use tea to the continued research . usually the first few paragraphs of the article are the induction can you wanna read through that . it made or may not be labeled in the case of this article here really is not labeled as such . but that gets twenty in its annual some notice within the article there are citations . this particular article is teasing APA format so it it doesn't Create intake citations making can be enough in the form of footnotes and that is dependant on the writing style fits use by the eternal that the article was submitted . another thing that you can look for it is Scott D a R some perhaps and charts and those are interspersed throughout the article charts tables eight years . those are good to have portrayed the methodology it was used and also aren't Click official for some of the results that came added this particular research . some other parts of the particle will will go back up and looking at some of those out there maybe a preview of the miniature hand in the case of this when it actually is . the review of literature is done by the area's topics that are addressed by this particular research study . in some articles it may be more clearly stated as simply that research study . you may also find . now we . scroll down three year . the method and that the section is a discussion of how this particular research study took place so it's the methodology and we see and then you can see with the sub headings that discusses add a little bit more . clearly to the contestants were . what measures were used and there are some sub sub headings talking about this measures an and Bettis is nowhere that thorough discussion and comment that the meat of the article resides . pm . final place that you might want to look inside the . and so it made me list it . and see the Iam . . . scroll back to get to that . the discussion of the article or it may be the conclusion you get to be listed . either way . and that's another section that you wanna take the time to read through because that's going to review what was done then scan and read you the methodology to the seas . and a squinty can any potential research areas that them might have come out of this particular study communications to the study . so it didn't as Kiki link to some not six of the of the article and then Finally . you want to look at the reference page and that will be the very last thing and ten cases of this particular article that follows or three more pages . I could take a look at those references . you might want to note the dates that were used because some of those classic articles for this particular topic area . maybe available there as well as this gives you a guilty in bibliography they you can use to continue to do more research in your particular topic . so . . one of the last things the day night You may want to the to get his is suffering you when you're done going through the article in this way . it's to verbalize the key concepts you may want to ride him down first and then verbalize them and ten F Kerry on the discussion and even If hero is an audience of one of them double as a sham process will help use to internalize those key concepts and a few can discuss the article and there's a good likelihood that you understand the article . title . this is can the given you a good start into understanding how To Review D C research articles and realize that your have to read every single word . but there are some key parts of each article that you should can read and try to pull out the main concepts . . .