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Panelists:• Antoine Craigwell• Gina Lathan, ABD, M.P.H.• W.G. Robinson-McNeese, M.D.• Jilnita DeLoach-Johnson, B.S., CADC, AMSThis session includes the viewing and discussion of the documentary, “You Are Not Alone.” In this documentary, black gay men shatter a significant taboo in the black community, that says, “You don’t talk your business to strangers,” by speaking out in front of a camera, sharing the experiences in their lives that caused their descent into depression, and how they coped - what they used to help them deal with the pain/hurts. To bring the stories from the interviews to life and to add a visual component, Stanley Bennett Clay wrote and directed re-enactments. The documentary also contains interviews with mental health professionals (psychiatrists, psychologists and psychotherapists) and Christian and Islamic religious leaders.
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