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    once ® Banked Time TimeControl contains extensive capabilities to manage banked time. While by default TimeControl includes banks for Vacation, Sick Leave and Personal Time, Administrators can use banked time for almost anything. Administrators can use banks and remaining allowances in reports, dashboards and validation rules How does it work? By default, there are 9 banks in each employee record. This is where the total allowance is entered Each charge code can be flagged to count against a particular bank Dashboards count the total from the last Fiscal Year Start defined in System Preferences until now and compare that to the amount in the bank Default Dashboard with 3 banks Employee table: Bank allowance Charge table: Flag for which bank Rename with Manage Languages Change in: Employee table Charge table Dashboard Template Dashboard template: Add the bank Training bank in the dashboard Just add training to the timesheet …and the dashboard recalculates Other options Using SQL-based accruals to modify the value in the employee bank field each month or pay period Use TimeControl Validation Rules to warn or prevent someone from taking more time than is in the bank Use banked time reports to show banked time taken and outstanding liability of banked time Thank you! For more information: To find out more about TimeControl: To find out more about our hosted TimeControlOnline: To try TimeControl for free: To reach HMS Software: